Fake Cops Strikes Again! This Time an attempt to Rob a Lady at Kamat Kinara, Miramar

Kamat Kinara is known to be one of the safest societies situated in Miramar. High security and alert guards are on full duty from time to time. No strangers are allowed unless given a proper identity and recognition by the residents. However, despite the prominent security facilities, the society was threatened by an incident on the morning of 10th June. The back entry area is seamlessly isolated which might have probably caused the following incident.

In the alarming incident, a local woman narrated a spiteful experience that she came across during her morning walk at 8:00 am near Kamat Kinara. Mrs Neleema Mahatme said that the disguised men as police officers were trying to fool people by looting their gold ornaments and she became one of their victims.
Several other cases have prevailed in past times; one particular incident reported from sources of the ‘O Herald’ on 23rd July 2017 includes the arrest of three youngsters. They were held accused of snatching a chain and robbing cash from a woman at Gandhi market in Margao.


In the 24th October 2017 reports from TOI, another event of two unidentified persons approaching a Mayem resident on a motorcycle and assaulting him to snatch his gold chain worth Rs 40,000 from his neck was reported.

Times of India


In this particular story that has taken place on 11th morning at Kamat Kinara, Neleema narrates, “The imposter appeared to me asking to take off my gold ornaments that I was wearing (bangles and a chain) and keep it in my satchel”. However, Neleema was firmly reluctant suspecting the false play and paid no heed to the trickster’s advice. She retorted that she would come without the ornaments from the next day onwards. Yet, the fraud commanded her in a stern police –like a voice saying that she would be in trouble if continued with the fuss.

“I asked for his ID, but it completely looked fake to me.” said the victim. According to her reports, she even stated that no police vehicle was witnessed by her during the occurring event. Only a white scooter was in her blurred vision as she noted.
As per the lady’s narration through her viral warning messages on WhatsApp, it also seems to be that the disguised fraud officers were constantly told to step back while they kept coming closer to her. According to her suspicions, they were probably thieves who could snatch her ornaments at any moment.

At a quick estimated time, another person entering the Kamat Kinara building was halted by the fraud inspector upon wearing a fat gold chain in his neck. Without any, arguments the boy effortlessly gave the constable his ornament. The fraudster then swiftly slipped the ornament inside his bag and began worrying and urging Neleema to give her ornaments in his possession. The quick-witted woman boldly confronted them and said that under no circumstances her ornaments would be given to the constable, but she would listen to them by keeping that in her bag.

The fraudster was even more stupid to drag the situation when they already knew that the Neleema wouldn’t be falling prey in the con artist play. He told her that he will have to mark on paper the number of gold bangles she was wearing and that she would have to sign on it in the police station. “What an idiotic explanation it was”, explained Neleema. She went on, “I clearly denied going with them to the police station and said that I would go later by taking Mr Shekhar Prabhu desai’s name, a person whom I knew as my student working at the police station.”

Finally, upon all the excuses the men let her go. Neleema was afraid the whole time but tried to keep calm and soon after that visited Mr. Fernandes (The manager of Kamat Kinara Society). The entire incident was narrated to him and they went to have a look at who those police were, but disappointingly the fraudsters ran away. It was also noted that the third person who easily gave his gold chain away was a member of the gang itself.
Many events have taken place like this one where con artists play a major role in bullying and meddling with innocent people. Thousands of similar incidents have emerged over the years with unashamed robber s and disguised crooks brashly snatching precious chains and bangles from people. Sometimes locals are even killed or throat- slit in public robbery of their belongings. Daylight robbery too has become a popular practice among fraudsters. In a recent 2017 robbery case, during the month of December, a disastrous incident brought Goa in a circumspect state. As per the Indian Express, a gang of five armed men were reported to have stormed into a bank at Mapusa town and allegedly held its staff and customers hostage at gunpoint, robbing them of 13 lakh cash.

Indian Express

The severe tragedies of theft and burglary, house breaking and murders will persist constantly with an increase of helpless poverty and devastating gluttony. In Neleema’s case, it was fortunate of her to have remained brave and unharmed. However, it was a loss in the unsuccessful attempt to catch the fraudsters. Neleema in her statement recommends all women and men as well to remain alert at all times; to distinguish and recognize a fraud while being plotted against. Also, an immediate word should be telephoned at the police station in order to inflict a penalty on such people.

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