Europe is lagging behind in digital infrastructure compared to digital giants such as Amazon and Google. According to the European United Commissioner, Europe needs to invest close to $800 billion in its digital infrastructure to catch up with the United States and China. What kind of effort does the Europe contemplating to catch up with the existing giants? Read the complete article here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Commissioner Guenthen Oettinger sees a need to develop fiber-optic  networks and next- generation high-speed 5G wireless applications at the earliest, “If not, we will lose because important technological applications will not be possible any longer in our industry”, quoted Oettinger. Adding to that he also said that, Amazon and Google benefit from a U.S. wide data standard and have been able to collect data that gives them much broader knowledge of their customer’s needs than most European companies do.

In an annual conference in Austria, Oettinger discussed the investment needs for the same. “Investments of 600-700 billion Euros ($670-780 billion) are needed in the European area, according to our calculations,” adding to that he also said that investments would include in Switzerland, Ukraine and the western Balkans which are part of the pan-European infrastructure.

According to sources, Ottinger on his tour to European countries felt a need to talk about unified digital standards required to meet the competition with digital giants such as Amazon and Google.

It is expected to have one European Legislative Standard and a balance between data protection and the right to use the data in less than 2 years, he added.


Addressing the European Universities he said, “Standards such as how to connect cars have to be the same in Europe. They should be strong enough to become part of the global norms and standards,” he also added, “We have to bundle our European strength we have at universities and in the industry, or our 28 silos will be not strong enough to compete with Silicon Valley and the Chinese,”

Now that the Europe is also joining the league of digital giants we will see some more development in the country who is lagging behind in the digital race for so long. If you wish to leave your comments on this please go ahead.

Source: Various sources  

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