Escorts Websites Promoting Dudhsagar as Part of Sex Tourism, The Websites claims of providing College Girls and Housewives

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Goa is one of the top tourism destinations in the world, promotion of illegal activities cannot be ruled out. The tourists, mainly the domestic, look at Goa as a place for sex, booze and drugs, and the existence of Casinos has made it more vulnerable to such activities. In one such case, an Escort website have been identified for promoting the world famous Dudhsagar Waterfall situated in Goa as part of sex tourism.

According to the reports published by Times of India, the Goa Women’s Forum have identified an Escort website involved in promoting the Dudhsagar as part of Sex Tourism.

The GWF has written a letter to the South Goa Collector and District Superintendent of Police about the illegal activities and urged them to take strict action against the people who are involved into such activities and shut down the websites promoting sex tourism in the state.

The reports say that GWF Convenor Ms. Lorna Fernandes has released a press note into the media explaining about the activities that are adversely affecting the dignity of the local women in the state. The Dudhsagar waterfalls come in the jurisdiction of the recently notified Dharbandora Taluka.      


“it is important to sensitize all the government officials and police personnel in the taluka about the implications of sex tourism and human trafficking for commercial sex.”     

“In recent months, there have been news reports of increased police action against the trafficking of women for commercial sex and these cases are now found in the villages and towns of South Goa. The ability of the traffickers to base themselves in the villages is possible due to the demand for sexual services by domestic and foreign tourists, as well as the poor awareness levels amongst the community about the modus operandi of these criminals,” the press note states.    

GWF in its letter to the district collector and the district superintendent of police has appealed to take legal actions by filing a petition before the high court to stop these escort service websites “because their content is detrimental to the lives of women, children, and families living within their jurisdiction; it will affect the law and order situation and eventually increase crime in South Goa district.”

“The continued operation of the escort services websites offering college girls and housewives as call girls in Goa is also an important factor to boost the demand for commercial sex by domestic and foreign tourists,” the press note adds.

The Escort websites are running for the ages and it has started mushrooming in large quantity following the digital revolution. The culprits started using social media and other digital platforms to lure the customers and it has become more difficult to catch them as they never appear physically.

Dudhsagar being one of the most sought after tourist place in Goa perhaps the Escorts website operators have decided to target this place. Police are trying its best to crack down this case but in vain. till date, not a single website has been shut down by the cyber crime branch. What is the reason behind this? Is police not capable of arresting the culprits and shut down such websites? What is your opinion please do not forget to share your valuable comments on this serious issue.

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