Escorts website running freely despite of all the efforts to stop the prostituting business in the state

Escorts website running freely despite efforts business state

Prostitution is said to be the world’s oldest profession, but it is presently surviving on the online platform known as escorts’ services. Escorts services is the business of flesh trade guised in the form of business services. Here the customers are of corporate level who seeks the services/company of females in the exchange of money. Despite of Indian government’s claim of blocking around 237 websites running escorts servicers the business of prostitution is still going on openly on hundreds of similar websites. Here is the complete report.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published by the national daily Times of India, the escorts’ services is running smoothly and successfully on the hundreds of escorts’ website despite government’s tall claims of blocking of 237 websites running escort services in the state.

The Goa cyber crime branch has confirmed has confirmed that the escort’s websites are running successfully and it is driving the major prostitution dealings in the state. With technology driving the world’s oldest profession, cops agree that cracking down on escort service websites, many of which have servers in other countries are difficult.

In fact recently under the able guidance of young and dynamic SP crime branch Karthik Kashyap Goa police has cracked many cases dealing with prostitution business in the state.  Speaking to the media, Karthik Kashyap said that it has been revealed that most of the prostitution rackets are being run through escort services. “This year, Goa police busted 15 prostitution rackets operating through escort websites,” he said.

The above facts have come into the light during the process of the investigation said the sources. After the raids police always verify the mobile data and during the process it has been exposed that most of the number found on the mobile phones are of those that is run as Escorts Services in the state. The numbers are invariably the same as those advertised on the escorts websites, claimed the sources.


SP Kashyap said that most of the websites are operated from outside the state. “When any customer calls the cell number available on the website, it is connected to those persons sitting in Delhi, Mumbai and other places and who are operating the prostitution business,” he said adding that after a pimp sitting in Delhi strikes a deal with the customer, he, through a local contact, supplies the girl to the customer in Goa.

It may be recalled that last year, after two Delhi-based escort girls were gangraped at Arpora, Goa police had come up with a strategy to clamp down on escort businesses operating through websites. There are several cases which took place in the state pointed at only one thing and that is the business of prostitution is flourishing on the state freely. In another case that was registered at the Panaji police station, police informers had contacted a Bollywood actor, through a pimp, by getting her number through a website.

According to the police officials at the there are thousands of websites that provide escort services to tourists visiting the state. As and when a case is reported, the police recommend that the site be blocked. There are some businesses that are there to stay regardless of how much efforts government takes to curb it and among those the prosti the mostitution one of the major revenue grating business and people with intention to make fast bucks without much efforts prefer to enter this business.

Source: TNN


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