Equipments worth 14.75 Lakh ‘missing’ from GMC Morgue

One can smell the rat with the state of the art 108 cabinet mortuary at GMC is non functional till date after the 18 months have been passed since it was commissioned and the equipments worth Rs. 14.75 lakh is already missing, but the government seems not taking the issue seriously. According to the news published in the local daily the complaint of the ‘missing equipments’ was filed in November 2014 by the authorities from GSIDC (Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation) which has built the forensic block at GMC mortuary but surprisingly police has not yet registered the case. Even more surprising fact is that when the media asked about the “Missing Equipments” the police said that the equipments were not worth more than 50,000.

As per the information obtained by the local daily TOI under the RTI act has revealed the details of the “missing equipments” which includes 2 saw with dust collectors, used to cut bones, and each priced at 7 lakh, one set of stainless steel gloves worth 25,000, 50 body bags worth 25,000, and the charger for a cadaver lift, costing 25,000. Forensic department personnel think that the equipments are not of any practical use in non-mortuary contexts, “Who would want body bags or bone cutters?” There are serious doubts that the equipment has been deliberately misplaced”, Said the forensic officials.

PI Jivba Dalvi who took over the charge of Agasaim police station recently informed that the complaint is being investigated and GSIDC have been asked to submit the documents and vouchers etc. pertaining to the missing items. They have also been asked to point out the exact location where the equipments were installed.  “We have received only some documents from GSIDC so far,” said Dalvi.  He further added that the Delhi based vendor Kay Dee Enterprises who supplied the items, has also been summoned by Goa Police to record his statement in this “missing equipment” case.

The absence of the crucial equipments is creating lots of hassles to the forensic doctors as they are forced to use the old ramshackle mortuary to conduct postmortems. According to the available information, the local daily TOI has tried to get the comments from Jude Carvalho, the maintenance in-charge at GMC and Deputy CM & Health Minister Francis D’souza but the efforts were futile as they were not available to comment in this subject.


It is very surprising that the people who are supposed to be the responsible authorities over the place which reports the misappropriations do not make themselves available for the comments, under such circumstances, who will take the responsibility of the government properties which are funded by the taxpayers money? Is this is the case of robbery (with rare channces) or something else? Only the investigation will be able to bring to the truth into the light, till then we have no other options but to wait and watch. Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this issue at the end of this article.

Source: TNN          

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