Electricity Department Exceeds its Power cut time limit causing a Black Sunday for people of Goa

After a whole week of work and stress, Sunday is the only time where people want to relax, eat and sleep. But the June 3rd Sunday ended up being an endless misery for most people living in the Tiswadi, Vasco, Verna, Nuvem, Cortalim, and Majorda areas with no power supply. There was a pre-announcement of the power cut from 6 am to 6 pm, unfortunately, the electricity department ended up extending the time till late midnight. However, as per TOI, some residents seemed to have had the electricity with arrangements made from Ponda.

Many people had to spend their Sunday in the heat and couldn’t even go out due to the rains. Some people’s plans were completely ruined. Many houses that depended on induction connection couldn’t cook their meals throughout the day. Shops and restaurants experienced a huge loss and couldn’t attend their customers properly. The streets were extremely blacked out especially in the Panjim area. This could have caused accidents too, as headlights of vehicles weren’t sufficient enough.   People complained that their weekend was really tiring and bad. All the work supposedly to be done like; running the washing machine or using the mixer was totally out of the statement. Even the lifts in the buildings were not working and it was difficult for people living on higher floors without stairs to even step out of their homes. Many people said that it was difficult to iron their clothes for Mass and some couldn’t even have a shower because of the geyser that wasn’t working. Houses didn’t have water since it couldn’t be pumped up. People with invertors could somewhat survive the Black Sunday, but most suffered especially since Sunday is the only day to rest and have outings. There were a few minutes where the currents were provided but what could people do with just those 10 or 15 minutes. Some even tried contacting the electricity department to find out what was happening and were assured that at 6 pm the power would be restored, but no one knows if it was a whole big lie or that whether there was a problem, because the currents were regenerated directly at 4 am in the morning, on the 4th of June.

According to TOI, an interviewed person said, “We have regular power cuts, but this one made me so mad considering this government cannot manage basic services, but goes out of its way to push things like Outline Development Plans and issue permissions to controversial real estate and hotel projects in the name of narrow-minded version of development”.

The Department should have had some concern for the people and if they cannot afford it, at least they must stick to the time given appropriately. 

After several outraged questions from the public, it was known that the Public relations officer and executive engineer C H Rajagopalan, had to keep a certain extra time for the power cut in order to shift the 110 KV line from Tivim to Kadamba plateau that was passing through the proposed garbage plant and through private property. It was a time-consuming job and thus they had to cut down the power for a longer period of time and finish it before the monsoon season taking over completely.


In fact, the same work could have been done days ago during the summer, but the work was chosen to be done in an odd time. This caused a rough weekend for everyone who faced the Black Sunday.


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