Eating Formalin Laced Fish Does Not Cause Cancer

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In the midst of a big controversy on the formalin laced fish, the Goa Cancer society has come out with the findings that consuming a formalin laced fish does not cause cancer. If this is true the entire controversy on formalin fish might end here. The statement in this regards was released by Dr. Shekhar Salkar who claimed that eating unwashed raw fruits are more dangerous than eating fish laced with formalin.

According to the reports published by the NDTV based on the inputs from IANS, Even as the controversy surrounding the use of formalin in fish sold in Goa continues to rage in the coastal state, a senior official of the Goa Cancer Society on Tuesday said eating formalin-laced fish does not cause cancer. Addressing a press conference, Joint Secretary of the Society Dr. Shekhar Salkar said eating unwashed and raw fruits and vegetables could be more dangerous than eating fish-laced with formalin, a known carcinogenic agent which is used to preserve cadavers in morgues.

Dr. Salkar clarified his point giving the reference of WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines which state that formalin does not cause cancer by ingestion. “That means you will not get cancer if you consume formalin But if inhaled, like those who work with formalin products including nurses, doctors and those in the paint industry, they can get a certain type of cancer,” said Salkar, a leading oncologist himself.

The controversy of formalin laced fish erupted in Goa in the month of July this year after the FDA found a truckload of fish entering into the state had traces of formalin in it. The controversy of formalin hit the BJP led coalition government so badly that the government decided to remain on the defensive mode.   


Many MLAs of the coalition government were accused of being involved into the formalin laced fish trade in the state. Furthermore, the banning of fish-laden trucks from the neighboring state caused a tussle between two states. The Maharashtra minister warned Goans of adverse consequences if they dare to stop trucks from Maharashtra entertain into the state of Goa.    

On Monday, the state government banned the fish-laden vehicles from neighboring states from entering Goa, citing the violation of new Food Drugs and Administration guidelines, which have made insulated trucks mandatory for transportation of fish to Goa, among other stringent regulations. “You should take more care of fruits and vegetables. At least we clean fish, we wash it, we de-scale it, we add vinegar, salt, we boil it, we fry it… How can formalin remain in it? We do not even wash fruits. Earlier, we used to say eat raw food, because it is better. Today, we find it difficult to say ‘eat raw food’, because raw is more dangerous,” Salkar said.

The new formula may lead to change the entire perspective of the people of Goa towards the consumption of a fish and they might start consuming it without the fear of formalin or cancer for that matter. What is your opinion on this serious issue?

Image Source: Indian Express

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