Eating beef is a part of food habit in Goa and it should not offend others – CM

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The politics over the beef has been beefed up all over the nation since people in our country consider that eating the beef (which is the flesh of cow or bull) is a sin. But then it is subjective, as all the countrymen don’t believe that cow and bull are sacred, and not just a flesh and bone. Wish that everyone would have thought in the same manner about the woman in our country, but nevertheless, this belief is running in the blood for the ages and difficult to remove now. Due to this beef was banned by the ruling BJP led government in all the states of India which are coming under their jurisdiction.

Goa is one such place where the ban of beef had been opposed by almost 50% populations, or perhaps may be more, which includes the Christian and Muslim communities as a majority of them consumes beef in our state and ban on beef would mean taking their cuisine away from them. This issue has once again came up in the limelight as the Chief Minister of Goa gave the statement in the media that people of Goa do not eat beef to hurt the sentiments of other communities but that is the part of their cuisine, he was talking on the backdrop of the statement delivered by Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar, who said that “Muslims in India must stop eating beef to stay in India.”

The statement of Parsekar addressing Goan eating beef as part of their cuisine was directed towards the segment of the community who eats beef and not all the Goan. According to Parsekar Goa is being the tiny state in India has all communities staying in peace and harmony without any disrespect to each other, community or religion. He said that “The specialty of Goa is that Hindus, Muslims, and Catholics live together in love and harmony, they know the importance of respecting the values of others and that is why this issue have never gone out of control in our state and it not ever”. He also noted that there should be no controversy to be created in Goa over this subject as people of Goa believe in living with harmony and the consumption of beef is nothing but just a food habit of the certain community.

We have different leagues in our community, the two major leagues are vegetarian and non-vegetarian, again in Non-vegetarian there are subcategories in which some eat only fish and eggs while others eat meat too, in meat we have other categories in which, some people eat chicken, some eat Mutton (goat/lamb meat) and some eat beef (cow and bull meat) yet some do also eat pigs. All together there is no limits for the non-vegetarians as anything and everything that is not VEG is non-VEG simple as that.


Now in this entire thing, where the religion comes in? If killing any animal is a sin then all the non-vegetarians are sinners? (regardless of beef no beef). According to Hindu sentiments, Cow and Bull are sacred but only that particular cow (Annapurna) and bull (Nandi) or every cow that exists on the earth? In that case, a woman is considered as Durga, but then do we respect all of them? What is the limit of hypocrisy in our country? Political parties support these beliefs since they are concerned about their votes which they get by pleasing the various sections of the community. But our religion is humanity and we need to practice that first and rest all comes secondary. Hope you all believe in this? But regardless of that please do leave your comments and suggestions on this serious issue.

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