Drunk Tourists Does Not Listen to the Lifeguards on Goan Beaches

Goa is considered to be a place of fun frolic and people from across the world come to Goa for enjoyment, especially the domestic tourists come to Goa for Drink, Message, and Casino and hence stopping them from doing the same is asking them to not to come to Goa! Isn’t it? But what about the problems they create for the locals and others by drinking in public? Beaches in North Goa are famous for the drunk tourists and most of them venture for swimming after a few drinks and that is what becomes the doomsday for them.

Goa Government is trying everything possible to stop the tourists from drinking in public and creating a nuisance but they seem not listening to anyone. The recent cases of frequent drowning have brought this matter into the light. The state has shown concern over the raising drowning cases and decided to take strict action against the drunk tourists on the Goan beaches.         

The past week has seen several drowning incidents in the State. Be it foreign tourists, or domestic, there have been several tourists who drowned in Goa. Just two Sundays ago, Lifeguards from Drishti Lifesaving Pvt Ltd. rescued fifteen tourists, 9 out of whom were Russians in the North as well as South of Goa.

Of the 15 people rescued, 9 were male tourists while six were females. In South Goa, two people were rescued off Zalor Beach and one each in Colva and Agonda by the lifeguards posted there.


Five people were rescued in Baga and another four in Arambol as well as one each in Mandrem and Candolim. One swimmer though has been reported missing from Mandrem Beach.

Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant has put it down to tourists being drunk and venturing into the rough seas. While speaking to the media, Sawant said that the State has expressed concern over the drowning deaths.

He further pointed that Drishti has been requested to deploy additional lifeguards besides personnel from the Indian Reserve Battalion have also been deployed at black spots.

He also added that the State has been taking all measures to prevent such incidents, but tourists too need to understand and follow the laws of the land. Referring to the drowning of some youngsters from Belgaum, Sawant said that most of the drowning accidents have happened due to drinking and venturing into the sea.

Sawant has stated that now the government has begun implementing the law on public drinking very strictly.  He stressed on the fact that such a menace couldn’t be allowed to continue just because the state is dependent on tourists.

Much as it was mentioned that the strict rules could affect tourism and tourists coming into the state, Sawant said that such behavior shouldn’t be excused and that offenders had to be taken to task.

One hopes that the Chief Minister implements such rules strictly and that such drowning incidents will be reduced in order to have a peaceful tourism season.

Source: Heraldo

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