Drunk Tourist Couple Assaults A School Boy and His Father in Anjuna

The Schoolboy has gone into trauma following he was attacked by the foreigner drunk couple who are supposed to be in Goa on their vacation. The sources in the police have revealed the names of the accused as Martin Daidie, 25, and Karima Benarab, 28, both from France. The couple has attacked a local man and his son, while they were on their way to school.  

According to the sources, Daidie had attacked the local man and his minor son under the influence of a liquor. This is not the first case wherein foreigners have attacked the locals. There are several cases of attacks in various parts of Goa and in fact, in one of the cases, a local person had succumbed to the injuries.

There is no doubt that the Goans are dependent mainly on the tourism business and hence the tourists are supposed to be the blessing for the Goa but when such cases take place, there is a need of reconsidering the purpose of tourism in the state.

The incident supposed to have taken place in Anjuna on August 15 and the schoolboy is supposed to have gone into the state of trauma after suffering the severe attack from the duo.

The accused Martin Daidie, 25, and Karima Benarab, 28 were arrested by the Anjuna police on August 16th after the father who also was assaulted filed an FIR against the couple. The assault’s severity was such that the schoolboy attained injuries to his jaw and teeth.

Shockingly when the police did an investigation of the matter it had been revealed that both the accused were drunk and the alcohol test showed 550 Ml of alcohol in their body.

The story goes like this, on the day of the incident, victim Ramesh was on his way to the school to drop his son on his two-wheeler, and the accused were traveling on the opposite direction on a rented bike. Accidentally the muddy water accumulated on the road was splashed on the victim and his son, resulting into spoiling the school uniform. This resulted in the scuffle between the Ramesh and a French couple, and the heated argument culminated in a physical attack.

The main accused Diadie punched the man Ramesh and his son and fled from the scene. later on, Ramesh had logged police complaint and the accused were bought to the police station. According to the reports, the French duo threatened the victims inside the police station saying that they will ruin the school life of a minor boy.      

“When the accused were brought in the police station, they were in a highly drunken state. The accused charged at the victim and saying that “I will ruin your school life” which has traumatized the kid since then according to the NGO who spoke to him”, said Anjuna PI Chetan Patil Times of India. Benarab reportedly accused that the boy molested her during the riff and the police constable too outraged her modesty. The allegations were regarded to be baseless after North Goa SP Chandan Choudhary carried out an investigation in the matter.

The boy is referred to the District Hospital in Mapusa and was later shifted to the Goa Dental College for treatment. The incident has however shaken the locals of Anjuna. The clock is ticking and it is time the government takes action against such incidents to protect the interests of the people. What is your opinion on this serious issue? What action deemed to be taken against such tourists to stop such cases of assault? Please share your views on this platform.   

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