The Incident said to have turned UGLY AT the Arambol TINTO when a group of DRUNK domestic tourists tried to misbehave with the villagers and assaulted THE MOTORCYCLE pilots at Arambol Tinto. The locals have trashed the tourists and damaged their vehicles following the altercation.

Arambol beach is one of the most popular beaches amongst the domestic as well foreign tourists. Being situated on the extreme border of Goa, it is very isolated and considered to be a cool place for the tourists coming to Goa. People of Arambol are very friendly in nature unless otherwise they are instigated. In one of the most unwanted situation, the altercation between the group of drunk domestic tourists and locals turned ugly resulting into the trashing of domestic tourists, said the sources.

The incident said to have taken place on Sunday evening when the group of domestic tourist traveling in two private vehicles entered into the argument with local motorcycle pilots at Arambol Tinto. According to the sources, the High tension was reported at Arambol on Sunday evening after domestic tourists, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, clashed with locals.

According to the eyewitness, the incident took place at around 6.30 pm when a group of 8 tourists (all domestic) apparently hailing from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh was traveling from Keri to Arambol in the two four wheelers. The sources have said that all the drunk domestic tourists traveling in two cars were behaving in an unruly manner with the locals by way of flinging beer bottles on the roads from their vehicles.


When their vehicles reached the Arambol Tinto junction some motorcycle pilots questioned them on their misbehavior and asked them to stop breaking the bottles on the road. But instead of listening to the advice of locals, the group of domestic tourists decided to become violent. They got off their vehicles and began assaulting a motorcycle pilots. Some locals went to rescue the motorcycle pilot, but they were also brutally assaulted by the intoxicated tourists, who were armed with wooden sticks and metal rods, sources claimed.

When the tourist started assaulting the motorcycle pilots local youths and elders who normally keeps the Arambol Tinto busy were dragged into the cricket tournament away from the spot. But when the news of the attack on motorcycle pilots by tourists spread in the village all the local youth gathered at the site and started hammering the drunk domestic tourists who began to flee the scene leaving their vehicles behind. But the locals managed to catch hold of three tourists and trashed them while others, fearing for their life, jumped in the small culvert nearby. The agitated locals also damaged the vehicles belonging to the tourists.


Soon after getting the news of fight the Pernem police reached the spot at around 7.45 pm and managed to pacify the locals. The sources have said that Neither the locals nor the tourists have filed a complaint with the police, until late Sunday evening. This case of drunk tourists is not new to the state. Coming to Goa and getting drunk is the normal practice with domestic tourists and it needed to be taken seriously by the administration and police. Only the strict action against such people will result in setting an example for the others. Please leave your valuable comments on this serious issue.     



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