It is all about drugs and beach parties in Goa that matters

The tourism industry seems to be adversely affecting the Goan culture as it brings in a large number of foreigners to the state that many times bring in various aspects of their culture along with them. No doubt it brings revenue to the state. But at the same time, it also brings in the most perilous  substances like drugs which not only ruin their lives but also ruins the lives of the local youth too. If we notice, it is so unfortunate that to attract more tourists, Goans misrepresents their culture and portrays it in a manner which is liked by the tourists. These tourists prefer surfing the beaches and attending parties at the beach shacks where trading of drugs take place very often. They are mostly unaware of the hidden beauties or the natural heritage of Goa which lies in the talukas such as Sattari, Canacona, Quepem, and Sanguem. Why is tourism so attracted to Goa as compared to other states? Is it because of its unique identity or is it the drugs and beach parties that pull thousands of tourists to Goa? Well, the answer is obvious!   

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]If one gives it a deep thinking, Goa is being known for its drug trade that takes place openly in the coastal belt. No doubt, it is brought in by outsiders but the question is how it is allowed to enter the in the state? Is there a hidden godfather who allows these drugs to enter Goa? There may be different opinions and answers to this but the main problem is that it is affecting the Goan locals who, to make easy money are selling these drugs to the locals as well as outsiders. Many cases of youth being caught in the drug trade are highlighted in the newspapers, which is not only spoiling their image and future but also has a lot of after effects on their families.


The main reason for youth being pulled in the drug trade could be the rise of unemployment due to poor education. In Goa, getting a white collar job is at times difficult because the market here is small and today’s generation aims for a better pay. Since getting a good salary can’t be a dream come true to everyone, they opt for jobs in small firms and at times due to helpless situations, they are forced to take up any jobs which include jobs at beach shacks and hotels. Many times these youths get attracted to the tourists, especially those exposing themselves and later fall into their trap.

To get a little money they are ready to go to any extend inviting trouble for them. In Goa, if you have great contacts with the high authority, you are safe from all possible dangers. Most People running their shacks here are getting richer day by day, not because of the income they earn by selling a plate of fish curry rice but through the drugs placed under the table. Many times after getting information from the sources, Police raid certain shacks on the coastal belt. At times, Sacks carrying crore of money is seized from these shacks but this doesn’t make a big difference to them as they know that this money will be generated soon, maybe in a week’s time. Nothing keeps them away from the drug trade. This continues to be the main highlight in Goan context.


During the peak season, mostly in December, thousands of tourists flow in Goa to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Why? This can’t be celebrated in their state? Though this is an advantage for Goans and it brings a lot of revenue to the tourism industry but the point here is that what satisfaction they gain here by celebrating New Year’s Eve in Goa? The answer lies in the naked eyes of the public, which can see the reality happening on the beaches in the form of beach parties and other activities that attract tourists to step into the state on the New Year’s Eve. Such parties go on till late night, leaving people with sleepless nights and creating a mess all around. The next morning one gets up and finds alcohol bottles in front of their gate. This is what Goans witness every year who then step out to clear the place while abusing them in their mind.

Agreed, tourism in Goa is very important but not at the cost of losing Goa’s unique identity. Tourists entering Goa should respect and appreciate the culture here and not do what they expect from the name, ‘Goa’ that is only partying and drugs. It’s high time Goan takes a step to make a change.

The Article is written by Rebecca Pinto the content writer with Incredible Goa


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