Drugs are available freely in Goa and Government cannot do anything about it says BJP MLA

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The shocking statement made BJP MLA from Siolim constituency claiming that drugs are available in Goa freely and the ruling government cannot do much about it. This statement came in the backdrop of the allegations made by the Delhi Chief Minister and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal in media while he was on his Goa visit few days back. Kejriwal said that Goa being taken as a destination for narcotic consumption under successive regimes of the Congress as well as the BJP. Mandrekar also made some more shocking revelations about the availability of drugs in Goa. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] A senior BJP minister and Siolim MLA Dayanand Mandrekar has made a claim that drugs are not only freely available in coastal areas, urban centers, and educational institutions in Goa, he has also said that the BJP-led coalition government cannot do much about it.

Mandrekar while answering to a query of the publication The Goan said that, “Drugs are available in Panaji and Sattari too. What can we do about it? Is there any control on that? In Mapusa, drugs are available, day and night. Why youth, here students are getting spoiled.”

Without putting any blame on the beach parties, the minister said drugs did not happen at the beach parties nor was it sold on shacks.

Taking pain to clarify that these beach parties are just a clear fun Mandrekar said, “There are no drugs available either on the shacks or at beach parties. There are specific spots where the consignment (drug) is available. People are aware of the spots. They have their dose at those spots and then join the party on the shack.” At the same time, he also criticized the state police for targeting the shack owners and interrupting beach parties for no reason.


He said, “Many a times police unnecessarily go and stop these beach parties. After conducting a search, they find no traces of drugs around the place.” He further asked on a clear angry tone that “Even if someone has done drugs and then comes and dances at the beach party, what can one do? Can you stop him?”

The minister had also said recently that these beach parties were not a part of Indian culture. Batting for the two electronic dance music festivals Sunburn and Supersonic, as he said those were big events and that there was no question of drugs being sold there.

Mandrekar asked, “Many central leaders and their children attend these music festivals. Even SP Karthik Kashyap and Priyanka Kashyap were enjoying themselves at the Sunburn this season. What can we do? Who will stop it?”

According to what he said, hotels and guest houses run full house at least 15 days prior and after the Sunburn.

For the last two years, Sunburn has been organized at Anjuna, an area that comes under Mandrekar s constituency. As said by the Congress party there was a spurt in the drug trade in coastal constituencies represented by BJP MLAs and has accused these legislators of shielding drug peddlers.

Amarnath Panjikar, North Goa District Congress President said with this regards that, “The drug trade has grown tremendously during the period of the BJP-led government especially in the coastal belt.” He alleged, “If they want they can eradicate the drug trade in the State as the whole machinery is in their hands but they do not appear to be serious about it. It clearly shows that they have links with the peddlers and are protecting them for profit.”

Source: GOAN


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