Drug trail from India to Africa is happening through Goa claims sources

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Goa has been in the limelight as a drug paradise for hippies and Indians alike. Many cases of drugs have been unearthed in Goa lately that also includes the police-drug mafia nexus which had created the headlines in media few years ago. Recently with the seizure of drugs worth Rs. 2000 crore from Solapur district in Maharashtra claims to have the links in Goa. How these drugs are transported via Goa African countries, read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published by the national daily Times of India, Goa has flashed one more time into the map of the drug trade. According to the sources, Thane crime branch investigating the Ephedrine  drug haul case have discovered that there is a possible link that the raw ephedrine sourced from the company in Solapur is being shipped to Kenya via Goa.

Thane police have seized over 20 tons of ephedrine valued at Rs. 2,000 crores from the unit of Avon Life Sciences in Chincholi MIDC near Solapur. The investigators are now in the process of establishing the link to ascertain the trade route that was used to export the raw material out of India.

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According to the Maharashtra police, they have gathered enough leads from the various sources and all of it points out to only one thing and that is Goa. they have claimed that It is being used by the accused as the possible trade route to dispatch the consignment out of India to the African countries. “Previously, a consignment had been exported to drug baron Vicky Goswami from the company; director of the shipping company is still absconding while one employee has been arrested. All this points to possible trade via the sea route,” said a police officer.


According to the Maharashtra Police, their team is already in Goa to investigate the matter of drug trail from Solapur to African countries. They are also putting the evidence together to get the breakthrough in this case.  “Our team has already reached Goa and is probing minute details of the drug trail from Solapur to African countries and also piecing together evidence. They are expected to get a breakthrough soon,” said a senior police officer monitoring the investigation.

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The investigators do not have any doubts about the possible existence of the drug trade in Goa that makes arrangements to all the beach parties that take place in Goa since the demand for drugs amongst the foreigners is more.

The police sources have also revealed that their team is in search of three fugitives, Jay Mukhi, Kishorsinh Rathod and Susheel Subramaniam. Meanwhile, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has requested Thane police to interrogate those arrested in the case to get links to the drug cartel.

In another development, the probe further revealed that international drug baron, Vicky Goswami, was suspected to be financing the company and Rs 65 lakh has been given to the company so far, said a police officer, adding that they are verifying the revelation and trying to confirm whether it was routed through hawala or another channel.

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There is no doubt that the Nigerians in Goa are involved in the drug trade and the recent case that was reported by another notational media INDIA TODAY “An up-and-coming Indian drug trafficker today is most likely a Nigerian-plugged into global smuggling networks that carry the white powder from South America and deliver it at the doorstep of Indian consumers half-way across the globe,” makes it clear that the illegal drug trade does exists between India and Africa.

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