Drug Peddling in Jail? The Arrest of Colvale Jail Guard Raises Doubts

Drug Peddling in Jail
The Central Jail Situated at Colvale in Goa

In what comes as an embarrassment to the prison officials, prison jail guard Rama Korgaonkar, who was last week arrested after he caught allegedly smuggling ganja into the Colvale jail premises, he was later suspended until inquiry.

Shockingly, this is not the first time he was caught attempting to smuggle illegal contrabands into jail. Reportedly, two years ago he was suspended for a similar offense and still continues to be at work.

This time he was caught smuggling ganja hidden in his footwear. 

Inmates lodged at the Colvale jail have been long known for being involved in smuggling illegal items and drugs. Furthermore, prison guards on duty have been found to be involved in the process. 

In the case of Rama, according to officials, they are ‘still’ trying to find out as to which inmates the suspended prison guard was allegedly supplying the drugs. 


Reportedly, a thorough check is being carried out at all prison cells in the jail. 

A few months earlier, a video had gone viral of an inmate lodged at Colvale jail moving about through cells threatening other inmates. 

In the past too, several reports of smuggling items into the jail premises have occurred, however, no serious actions have materialized against those responsible. 

Also, in this case of Rama, after being suspended twice for illegally attempting to take contrabands into the premises, it will be interesting to see if the prison authorities revoke his suspension in the future. It shows that this game is much bigger than him. 

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