Drug Abuse Raises its head in Goa once again, Youth Caught with Charas in Anjuna

Government is in process of creating the campaigns and deploying police to keep vigil on the drug-related activities in the state but despite that drugs are freely flowing across the state. Right from Calangute to Morjim drug-related cases keep popping up from time to time. This time the police managed to catch a youth moving suspiciously in Anjuna along with the Charas worth Rs. 26,000.

Blessed with the serene beaches and amazing nature, Goa was known as the state to have fun and enjoy vacations. The culture, cuisine, heritage and people are what made this state a whole package. But in recent decades, the entire reputation of this tiny coastal state has turned into a sort of destination for parties, drugs and alcohol. This has indeed helped accelerate tourism and bring in millions of domestic and foreigners to the state, but apart from this, the image of tourism in Goa has taken a hit.

The increasing cases of drug and sexual abuse, and also instances of human trafficking are raising a major concern for the Police. Many murders, rapes and inappropriate behaviour from the locals and tourists have been reported in the recent decade and these numbers are seen to be increasing. This has caused a backlash to the tourism of Goa and its reputation of being the safest state n the country.

Unfortunately, the dealings of drugs have become a common thing in the state. Many illegal drugs are sold and consumed in the parties and this has resulted in many cases of death among youngsters. In the recent news, a youth was held possessing narcotic drugs suspected to be charas worth Rs. 26,000.


According to Navhind Times, the Police found the alleged to be acting suspiciously while conducting a regular patrolling. The alleged was identified as Chicku Jose KV and was found to possess charas weighing 26 grams and worth Rs 26,000.

In another similar case, a Mumbai-native was found and arrested for possessing illegal narcotic drugs by the Pernem Police. According to the Navhind Times, the drugs were suspected to be Ganja and weighed 5.53 grams and were worth Rs. 55,000, the near restaurant at Arambol. The Police conducted a raid in the restaurant as an action on a tip-off and when suspected the alleged, he was checked and found to possess the drugs. The alleged was identified as Yash Maldave, a 21-year old Mumbai native residing in Arambol and claiming to be a musician.

This is not the first time these kinds of cases have come into light. According to a report published by Navhind Times, The Anti Narcotic Cell (ANC) of Goa police arrested three persons including a police constable and seized drugs worth around Rs 35,000 along with cash and gold ornaments amounting to Rs 28 lakh in two different raids in Anjuna.

According to the Police, based on source information, the raid was conducted at Bandirwaddo, Chapora in Anjuna wherein a police constable (driver) Vinod Malvankar, attached to the Escort Cell, Mapusa, was found allegedly in possession of 10 grams of suspected charas, approximately worth Rs 5,000. This incident took place 4 days ago and the raid was conducted by the ANC team with the help of Police officials.

On the same day, another raid was conducted at a house in Anjuna wherein a mom-son duo was allegedly caught possessing 1.798 grams of suspected MDMA, 0.936 grams of suspected cocaine and 5,135 grams of suspected charas, approximately worth Rs 30,000.

No wonder that the tourist’s favourite destination is now turning into a drug –dealer’s capital in the country. The saddest part is that many youngsters are falling into the pit of drug abuse and get involved in this illegal business. Apart from this, there have been numerous cases of deaths reported due to these drug abuses. What do you think of this? The dark abyss of drugs in the state: a pit that is swallowing the lives and future of many, Can we put an end to this?

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