Drug abuse catching up among the teenagers in Goa claims NGO – Report

There are numerous instances which established in the past that the drugs are sold and consumed openly in Goa and the younger generation is falling prey to this bad habits, this includes the school children and college students. Recently the NGO dealing with drug addiction cases in Goa has revealed that drugs which was associated with the adult segment of society is now melted down to teenagers in Goa. The number of college students and school children is growing by the day “The trend of teenagers consuming drugs has suddenly risen in last two-and-half years. Today, the average age of a drug consumer has dropped to even school children,” said Fr Joseph Pereira, founder of NGO Kripa Foundation.

According to the sources earlier collage goers and drop outs used to consume the drugs but now this threat has reached into the schools. Fr. Pereira who belongs to “Krupa Foundation” one of the NGO dealing with the drug rehabilitation centre in Goa said that Anjuna, a village known for its all night rave parties, claimed that teenagers doing drugs has attained an alarming proportion. “It is getting progressively worst in Goa. As it happened in the case of alcohol abuse, Goa has also suffered from denial syndrome when it comes to drugs,” he said.

The trend of drug consumption is growing in very systematic manner according to information provided by the NGO the entry level drug consumers are doing “weed” which grows gradually into consuming other powdered drugs such as Hashish, Ganja and Charas. Fr. Pereira called it “Satanic Act” satanic according to him is the evil power which leads to the destruction of the society before the realization struck. “Parents always wake up late,” he said.

According to Fr. Pereira the instances of drug being consumed by teenagers who comes from the well to do families and it has been witnessed in the recent past cases.  Children are being treated at state-run Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (IPHB).  The incident of two youths dying of drug overdose in Curtorim village (South Goa) during a birthday party in April this year had shocked entire Goa. Fr. Joseph Pereira is the founder of NGO Kripa Foundation, which works on de-addiction pan-India.


According to the sources Curtorim MLA Alexo Reginaldo reacting on this incident went up to saying that police is highly sluggish “Police is totally lethargic towards the menace. After the incident took place in Curtorim, the prime operative is still at large. We have been telling the police that narcotics have reached at our door steps in the villages,” Lourenco, who had raised the issue during the recently held State Legislative Assembly session, said.  “It looks like police are totally involved in allowing the drugs to flow smooth. Drug is still happening in village, though I have no proof to substantiate it,” he alleged.

Police however claimed by saving their FACE that, they have been raiding all the places wherever the information was provided. “As far as drugs in schools are concerned, we have not received any specific complaint,” Superintendent of Police (Anti Narcotic Cell), Kartik Kashyap said. He also claimed that ANC (Anti Narcotic Cell) along with the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), Narcotic Control Bureau and other agencies keeps the periodic checks on the outlets nearby to the schools to make sure that no illegal activities taking place. “We have also begun awareness campaign where more than 1,000 students are educated about ill-effects of drugs and also publicity material is circulated to them,” he added.

The drug abuse if not stopped by police or by the responsible citizens of Goa then very it will consume the young generation which more prone to addition. We need to teach our children the adverse effects of the consumption of drugs or alcoholic substances as it leads to the addiction which in turn leads to crime

Source: PTI

Edited by: Goa Prism News Updates

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