Drones to be banned in the state, says Anti-Terrorist Squad

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In order to keep the security threat away, this tourism season the ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) of Goa Police has instructed the government to put the ban on the flying of unauthorized Drones. The drones also known as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) in the technical terms are used by the private people for the purpose of photography without obtaining any permissions from concern departments may cause the threat to the security, feels the ATS.

According to the ATS, the government should ban the use of Drones for the civil purposes. Citing that no proper approvals are obtained by most of the owners of the Drones in the state and based on this fact the ATS has written the letter to both the district collectors (North & South) requesting them to intervene into this matter and issue an order under the provision of section 144 of the CrPC (Criminal Procedure Code) to ban the use of such Drones in the state.

“It is the high time to keep a track of the flying drones in the state for the commercial purposes, and controlling it by appointing the autonomous body to supervise and regulate such activities. Till that happens, as a precautionary measure, there should be a ban on the use of Drones,” says the ATS letter.

According to the ATS, the formulation of the regulations and subsequent law and order enforcement will play the major role in monitoring the use of Drones by anti-social elements in the state and this will also enable the police to control such activities that may be hazardous to the public safety.

According to ATS, it is not the full stop on using of the Drones by the people for the civil purposes at all. “People can use the UAV at public and private functions but with the necessary approvals obtained from the competent regulatory body well in advance.” Also, in the event of an individual planning to purchase or sell the UAV the same need to be intimated to the concern authorities well in advance. The users of the Drone (old or/and new) would also need to adhere to the registration process,” states the letter.


The ATS has also recommended the owners of the Drones to furnish all the details pertaining to their respective drones along with the purpose of use of the same to the concern competent authorities. The devices shall also be inspected by the technical experts before bringing them into the use.

In the state of Goa which is one of the major tourism destinations in the country, the major use of the drones are made by people for the purpose of aerial photography, but now with the implementation of the new rule, it will be more of hassles for the owners to adhere to new developments. It may also raise the cost of production and implementation. But it is necessary for the safety of the state since the device which is being used by the people of Goa for proactive purposes can be misused by the anti-social elements involved into dodgy activities.

It is better to support the purpose of ATS by implementing the guidelines set by them since they are working towards the safety of people in the state. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources.

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