Do you want to increase the storage of your iPhone without spending a penny? Here is the trick

There is an unusual hack that has been discovered which dramatically increases the storage space of your iPhone (any model) the source claims that the trick is capable of feeling up the Gigabytes of storage space on your phone that makes it very handy if you use the lower storage capacity device. Check out here the actual trick that will add up huge space to your iPhone device.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Today, when the iPhone storage comes at very high-cost people who use iPhone with the lower storage capacity like me, keeps searching for the new ways to increase the capacity of space without actually upgrading the phone at the higher price. I am the tech savvy person and keeps exploring the possibilities of tweaking my devices to make them perform better and increase the utility of it.

While doing so I came across the article which claims to have found out the hack which increases the storage capacity of the iPhone. According to the author of the article Doug Bolton from Independent, an unusual hack which can dramatically increase the available storage space on your iPhone has been discovered which frees up the gigabytes of the storage space on your iPhone.

Accordion to that, you need to go to your menu and select Settings>General>About, and scroll down a bit to ‘Available’ here you can see the existing available space on your iPhone. After checking the available space you need to go to your iTune store and search for the film that is bigger in size than the available storage. (NOTE: Make sure that movie size is bigger than available storage or else you might end up paying for the movie)

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Here the author has given the example of film “The Lord of the Rings: The Two towers (which clocks in at 6.48 GB) should be good enough to do the trick. Here you need to select the option of ‘Rent Movie’ and then click on it, once you perform that another popup notification will appear on screen ‘There is no enough available storage on your device” please click on the option ‘OK’. After you’ve clicked ‘OK’, head back to settings and check your available storage again. It should have increased, potentially quite significantly.

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According to the original source “Reddit’s iPhone Forum” , where some users with higher-capacity phones said they had gained up to 4GB of space in just a few tries.

It’s not completely clear what causes the increase in available space, but it seems like the attempted download causes the phone to clear its caches.

Iphone Hack Rajesh Ghadge 2

According to the author, this is a continuous process which is always happening on your phone, and the device will do it automatically when it’s running low on space. This trick appears to force the phone to have a cleanout, freeing up a lot of space in one go.

I have also tried the same myself and I can now confidently tell you that this trick works as I gained 1 GB of the disk that has got freed with this hack. Now it’s your turn to try out and see. Please do not forget to leave the comments thereby it will help others to take advantage of this facility. Happy Hacking.



The Article Source: Independent
The Video Source: TOI


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