Do The Deeper Probe Into Infants Body Parts Case, Demands Women’s and Children Rights Activist

Stop Violence Against Women
Stop Violence Against Women

The crime against the women is on the rise in Goa with several cases keeps coming up in the media. The recent murder of an infant girl child and the parts of her body discovered at Siridona is the burning example of cruelty against women and children in Goa.  

After almost a week passed to the discovery of a Mutilated Body Parts of a Girl Child washed ashore on Sirridao beach but police did not find any clues to date. The Women’s and children Rights activist, Auda Viegas has demanded a thorough probe into the discovery of mutilated body parts of a girl child at Siridao to rule out trafficking of body parts. 

She also demanded the increase in security on Goa borders to prevent the entry of anti-social elements from entering the state. Addressing the media, Auda said women are horrified with the situation wherein someone is raped in the country every 15 minutes. 

“Crimes, especially domestic violence against women, are attaining pandemic proportions. We women are embarrassed and humiliated with the rise in violence against women,” she said, referring to the latest Hathras case, where an unsuspecting Dalit young girl was raped and her mutilated body was cremated without dignity and respect to the dead. 

She also pointed out the incident that took place recently at Paddi Quepem wherein the body of 18-year old Anisha Velip from Padi-Cuncolim was found lying near the stream where she had gone to wash clothes. The second indent she pointed out of girl from Sanquelim Bicholim Taluka where father had assaulted Daughter With Cricket Stump resulting into her instant death. 


“In Goa, we are experiencing fearless murders, drug sale, trafficking happening through our borders. Security is so lax that criminals can come and go out without any restraint. As a society, if we sweep criminal activities under the carpet, we will exist as a society that abuses women. In no way, this can be called civilization,” she added. 

She also took a jibe at the politicians saying that it the responsibility of the legislators regardless of ruling or opposition to curbing the use of weapons/arms, sale of drugs, trafficking which is going on openly without the fear of government.    

“Politicians must remember that all these are forms of violence against women, who constitute 50 percent of the total voters in the state of Goa,” she said.

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