Disinfectant Liquid Forced Into 18-Year-Old Girl’s Mouth In Guirdolim by Two Unknown Persons

Girl Forced To Drink Disinfectant
18-tear-old was Girl Forced To Drink Disinfectant (Representational Image)

In a shocking incident, an 18-year old girl was forcefully restrained by two unknown persons, who then later forced disinfectant liquid into the girl’s mouth.

The incident occurred along the Guirdolim area in South Goa when the girl was heading to work on her motorbike. The two appeared suddenly on another motorbike and forcefully restrained the girl. 

They then poured the disinfectant liquid into the girl’s mouth forcefully and escaped from the scene. 

The girl, however, managed to make it to her workplace nearby in the Chandor area where she narrated the incident to others. 

She was immediately taken to a nearby doctor, following which she was shifted to Hospicio hospital, and was later admitted. Her condition is said to be stable now. 

Police sub-inspector Mahesh Naik visited the site where the incident occurred, and also the Hospicio hospital and recorded the girl’s statements. 


The Maina-Curotirm police have today registered an FIR in this case against unknown persons, with further investigations underway. 

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