Did Indrani Mukerjea try to commit suicide in the jail?

According to the available information, Sheena Bora murder case prime accused Indrani Mukerjea has been admitted to the government-run JJ Hospital on Friday on the account of consuming the access amount of sedative pills, which resulted into her unconsciousness in the police cell she was lodged. The incident came into the light when Indrani was found lying in an unconscious condition for long time police immediately summoned the doctors to check her state and she was shifted to the JJ Hospital for the treatment.  According to available information from the hospital, her condition is critical at the moment and they cannot say anything unless she regains her consciousness.

Indrani Mukerjea, the founder and former CEO of 9X channel,  who is prime accused in the Sheena Bora murder case is still in police custody and there she apparently tried to commit the suicide by consuming the sedative pills in access quantity.  Although it is not yet known as from where she had managed to get hold of such a huge amount of pills to consume. The sources are not denying the possibility of poisoning in this case. Doctors have confirmed the traces of anti-epileptic drugs in an excess amount in her blood.

Indrani is kept in critical care unit of the JJ Hospital on the first floor and the team of the doctors is attending her round the clock. Doctors have disclosed that her stomach wash has been sent for the forensic testing and “We can confirm anything only after receiving the report.” According to the hospital sources, the possibility of suicide cannot be ruled out in this case. The doctors have also informed that the Anti-epileptic drugs are prescribed for the mood stability and seizures, but excess consumption of the same could lead to serious consequences or even the comatose like condition.

Indrani Mukerjea, wife of media baron Peter Mukerjea was arrested in August by Bandra police in connection with the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora and since then she was lodged at Khar jail women’s cell. Sheena Bora, 24 years, was killed in 2012 but her murder came into the light after almost 3 years due to a call received by the commissioner of police, Mumbai that led to investigation of this case. During the investigation, police had arrested Indrani’s driver Shyam Rai, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and the prime accused Indrani herself. After the arrest, all of them confessed the murder and modus operandi. Indrani’s husband Peter was also questioned on several occasions and he revealed many things which helped the case to reach this stage. The sources have also revealed that, few days ago Indrani’s mother Durga Bora had passed away, it is not known if Indrani was aware of this fact, but Durga was bedridden for the past two years.


The suicide attempt by Indrani raises lots of doubts. Media is trying to find out if this was suicide or someone trying to eliminate the Indrani. The truth will come out as soon as Indrani attains the consciousness. It is not yet known as from where the drug came into the cell, that too in excess quantity? if someone tried to kill her then who was that person?  All these questions and more will expose very soon. The police investigation is on, and everybody is waiting for the Indrani to come out of comatose state and tell the truth.

Source: Various Sources

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