New Development in Online Prostitution Racket Norms, Now the Customer will have to Provide Aadhar Details While Seeking the Services of Call Girls

Annoyed with the constant raids, and decoys used by police, the people running a business of Flesh Trade in the state, have now changed their norms. According to the reports, pimps have now started demanding for the proof of identity from customers before supplying them with the girls…

The sources have revealed that the online prostitution has become more sophisticated with the time, and the operators have become smarter, and to escape from the clutches of law, they have started using various forms of precautions before supplying the girls to their customers. The demand of identity proof is one of the precautions they use to remain safe from police, said the sources.

According to the sources, the demand of identify proof is also helping them to find out if the customer is local or a tourist. In the case of the local customer, the pimps do not supply the girls. The reason behind not supplying girls to locals is not because they don’t want the business but, since the police make use of locals as a decoy customer, the pumps have become smarter, said the sources.

The police reports said that, the moment someone goes online, and place the demand for services of call girls, the suppliers ask for the scanned copy of ID proof which is AADHAR Card and in case the customer does not have AADHAR they ask for other identity proofs, such as, PAN card, said the sources.

The sources have revealed that most of the online sex rackets have been run from Mumbai or Delhi, and when the customers from Goa makes the call for placing their demands, the suppliers ask them to show the ID proof and if required they also arrange the video call to make sure that it is a genuine customer and not the decoy planted by Goa police.


One of the senior police officers has agreed to this fact that pimps are using these new tactics to remain safe from the police. Although in rare cases they accept the Driving License or Voter ID cards, in most of the cases they demand only for AADHAR card o rule out the possibility of fake identity.

Goa police have warned the people that there is a strong possibility that these people can also make unauthorized use of a most sensitive document such as AADHAR card for the purpose of criminal activities, and since your bank accounts and other documents have linked with your AADHAR, it becomes more vulnerable, said the sources.

Goa being the major tourist destination in India, it has always been on the radar of the online sex racketeers. With more than 5 million tourists visiting this tiny state every year, it has become a gold mine for the people who run the business of prostitution. The Goa police are doing their job by cracking as many sex rackets possible but it is also the duty of locals to support the police by informing them about any such activities going on in or around their vicinity. What is your view on this? Please share your valuable comments with us.


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