Despite Repeated Incidents of Deaths at GMC due to Lack of Oxygen, State Government Seems Not Taking Any Serious Steps

Covid Deaths at GMC

26 deaths at GMC due to the lack of Oxygen day before yesterday and today around 20 more deaths took place due to the same reasons but neither the health minister nor CM is taking any serious cognisance of this, neither they have initiated any inquiry into the matter as yet, it is the opposition parties filing the complaints and FIRs. 

The state of affair in the state of Goa is very pathetic with the Chief Minister and the Health Minister busy settling their personal scores with each other and patients at the GMC are dying due to the lack to Oxygen. Despite 26 deaths in Goa Medical College due to oxygen, the Goa government didn’t file an FIR. Regional party Goa Forward filed a criminal complaint against CM and CS for negligence.

According to the reports, the Goa state Government is maintaining silence over the GMC deaths, and not yet fixed the accountability on responsible officials. The Goa Forward Party has finally filed the complaint and FIR In GMC death issue against Goa CM. 

Just 48 hours ago 26 people lost their lives due to the lack of oxygen at Goa’s apex Hospital GMC (Goa Medical College) and now after the 48 hours the new tragedy got struck but the state Government has not yet taken any actions against the responsible people nor they have tried to fix the problem.  

Health Minister of Goa Vishwajit Rane had asked the honourable high court to probe this issue. Every day there are complaints coming on social media about oxygen shortage late at night. But still, the state government has not been able to fix the problem.   

High Court which was hearing the PIL regarding the oxygen issue of GMC had asked the state government and concern nodal officers to fix this problem as people cant be left alone to die due to want of oxygen. According to Mirror Now report, they did try to contact Goa CM Pramod Sawant and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane but there was no response which we got till the time the copy was filed.

As the state govt has failed to take suo-moto cognizance of this instance, the regional political party Goa Forwards had submitted a complaint against Goa CM Pramod Sawant and Chief Secretary of Goa Parimal Rai.

While speaking with Mirror Now Vice President of Goa Forward Part Durgadas Kamaidt said, “From past 3 days we are witnessing that People of Goa are losing their lives due to COVID19 mismanagement by State govt. Chief Minister & Chief Secretary should be held responsible for loss of lives. This govt has neither filed the FIR nor ordered an independent inquiry in this issue. Hence our party has submitted a criminal complaint against CM and CS.”

According to reports, the positivity rate has jumped to 40% from the 5% in just couple of months time due to not implementing the lockdown in the state when the neighbouring states like Karnataka and Maharashtra had already did so. 

When neighbouring states like Maharashtra had implemented lockdown due to an increase in number but Goa was allowing passengers from across India, they even allowed shooting of films and serials. The rising number of cases & positivity rate clearly shows the failure of the Goa State Govt to curb the COVID cases. Who is responsible for this? Who is risking the lives of People in Goa? 

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