Dengue Strikes back in Ponda! 34 People Admitted

After digesting the terrifying news about the Nipah-Virus, it’s a blessing to not have reached Goa yet. But, there some other diseases that are coming back, for example, The Dengue fever. A long time ago, many people had fallen ill in different parts of India due to Dengue. After all the suffering the situation has become much better. But in recent days there have been 34 people in Ponda, Goa who have been admitted with the suspicion of suffering from Dengue.

Though the doctors have reported dengue negative, intense care should be taken.  25 people have been completely fine and discharged while 9 patients are under thorough examination. According to ‘O Herald’ Art and cultural Minister Govind Gaude and the local MLA visited the hospital in Ponda out of concern, after hearing about the patients. Thankfully nothing serious has reported having happened, but the doctors and the Minister recommended the people working near the Bagayat water should be careful. The minister has requested the hospital to create awareness on prevention of vector-borne diseases.

The stagnant water near Bagayats is dangerous as mosquitoes naturally tend to breed on mushy areas and stagnant water. These mosquitoes could easily pass on infection and germs when you are bitten by them. Dengue is usually spread when a mosquito bites a person affected by dengue and then bites a non-infected person by causing the disease to spread to him/her. But health can be a risk even when the mosquitoes spread other germs from dirty water and garbage, therefore, the people must have been found negative with dengue, but have suffered the fear through other viral infections.

However, despite all the ongoing discussions about Dengue fever, we all must realize that cleanliness is the most important factor. Washing vegetables and fruits before consumption is important and are careful of ponds and other puddles or small water bodies. The mosquitoes leave their eggs and larvae behind which could be a cause of diseases if we come in contact with them. If any signs of symptoms like a fever, intense headache, body aches, joint pains, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, skin rashes and mucosal bleeding occur then admit the person immediately and do a blood test.

In a place like India, pollution and garbage problems are the cause of increases the growth of diseases; affecting millions of people. Thus, as we take care of our own self while preventing infections, we must also realize that even our surroundings should be clean.


As long as dengue is the air, which is uncertain at the moment, ignorance should not be tolerated. Take precaution by applying anti-mosquito creams all the time especially while traveling to village and waterfalls or ponds. If possible a mosquito is essential and so is Mosquito electronic repellents. Check the food from where its purchased and restaurants kitchen area. A lot of flies and mosquitoes roam around carrying such germs to cause infections. Also do take precautions against the Nipah-Virus, as many people in other states of India have been affected by it. Stay healthy, clean and live longer.

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