Dengue raises its ugly head in busy parts of Margao

Margao being the commercial capital of Goa has recently seen a rise in cases of dengue around the Gogol-Borda-Aquem belt, with a number of patients undergoing treatment in city-based private hospitals. Margao Urban Health Officer, Dr. Anju Kharangate, while confirming the increase in dengue cases, said the situation is being closely monitored by health workers.   

She added that health teams have descended on Gogol, Borda, and Aquem areas to screen people and carry out fogging operations.   

Deputy Director, National Vector-borne Disease Control Programme, Dr. Anant Palekar, said dengue cases have been reported in the urban areas, including Margao, besides Vasco and Panaji.   

Sources at The Goan report that patients with suspected dengue are all admitted in private hospitals at Gogol and other places.   


Last week itself, around 15 suspected dengue cases were detected around the Gogol-Borda area of the city.   

Sources said almost all the patients with suspected dengue are all Goan families. It is learned that a medical practitioner and his family members were also hit by dengue.   

In another case, two school-going children at Borda were also being treated for suspected dengue.   

 Margao Urban Health Officer Dr. Anju Kharangate said teams have fanned out to Gogol, Borda and Aquem, the localities where the suspected dengue cases have been reported. 

“The heavy rains and freshwater accumulation, which helps to breed of mosquitoes, are suspected to be the cause behind the spurt in the cases,” Dr. Kharangate said, assuring that things are well under control in the three areas.   

She pointed out that their teams have carried out fogging in and around the households where suspected dengue cases were reported. Also, spread residents are being made aware of the dos and don’ts and to ensure there’s no water accumulation in flower pots, containers, etc. 

Acting Margao Municipal Council Chairperson Tito Cardozo, who represents the Borda ward, said dengue cases have been reported on the border of his ward in the last few days.  Tito had instructed the health officials to drain out water from the basement of a building under construction at Gogol, which could be the source of the spread of dengue.  

 The MMC Chairperson said the Margao Municipal Council has resolved to procure four fogging machines. He also added that once these machines were procured, fogging operations would be taken up across all 25 wards as a precautionary measure.

 When contacted, Deputy Director, National Vector-borne Disease Control Programme, Dr Anant Palekar, said inquiries conducted by the Margao Urban Health Centre have revealed that breeding had taken places in flower pots of residents at Gogol and Borda. “Health teams have explained to the residents to be cautious about domestic breeding and ensure there’s no water accumulation in flowerpots and other empty containers,” he added.   

He, however, assured the situation is well under control. “In Vasco, we got reports of a sporadic rise in suspected dengue. Now, some cases have come to light in Margao,” he said while adding that the Health Services is geared up to meet any situation.   

Thanks to heavy rains lashing the State in the last two weeks, many places in Goa have been flooded. Panaji is the capital city is not excluded and waterlogging was rampant in the city. Care should be taken in places where water has accumulated. The Health Department should carry out regular fogging and even organize health camps so that people can be monitored. Awareness programs should be held in all places so that people are made aware of the dangers of dengue as well as how they are spread. Empty containers, old tires are places where water gets accumulated and are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These should be disposed of in a proper manner.

Source: The Goan | Heraldo 

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