Delhi Darbar at Goa

At Delhi Darbar our aim is to make our guests feel pampered and privileged. We serve you on royal gold plated, beautiful crockery; our glasses are crystal and our silverware gleaming and spotless.

Delhi Darbar one of the most talked about restaurant in Goa is managed by three brothers Ashwani, Ashok and Munish Nayyar. owners of Delhi Darbar, Moti Mahal and Foodland restaurants in Panjim, they came to Goa with almost no knowledge of the restaurant business and over the years have established their restaurants as THE go –to places for authentic north indian cuisine. Their kebab – paratha festivals at are an annual event highly anticipated by the local populace as are the others like their ghazal nights and Punjabi food festivals.

“We had no formal training in food or hospitality but we learnt from the mistakes of others and used those leanings to improve our restaurants and services”. says Ashwani,  But what made them decide to move from their hometown into relatively unchartered territory in Goa? According to Ashwani they had a fairly successful business in Delhi of medical equipment imports and once when Munish and he were holidaying in Goa they decided to look for north indian food. After much scouting around they couldn’t find anything that offered food to their liking and thats when they decided to open a restaurant of their own here. And so started the process of loans and challenges of startups that were handled by big brother Ashwani and it took them some time to settle into the groove with all three pitching in and making Delhi Darbar work and establish a name for itself. Ask them about competition and they unanimously agree that there is no competition and as far as they are concerned they compete with themselves.



What’s evident is that Delhi Darbar and its subsidiaries have reached where it has on two very important contributing factors – good quality food and courteous service. While the brothers are deeply involved with the day to day running of all the properties, their flagship restaurant, Delhi Darbar, is where they spend most of their time interacting with customers, checking on quality and ensuring that each guest that walks in leaves with a good feeling and a satisfying meal. We asked Ashwani about the challenges they faced establishing a business so far away from home and he was quick to reply that once they decided to make Goa their home, it accepted them with open arms. ‘We’ve made a lot of friends and they have always helped us whenever we required any assistance, we never felt that doing business here way any different from anywhere else, you just need to adapt to the place and then things automatically work for you.’ What’s endearing about them is the fact that they serve the food that they love so much, although Munish is a big fan of Goan food and often eats at Florentine’s, he has quite a soft corner for his traditional rajmah chawal. it’s a dish that makes his world go round and once that is on the table there really isn’t anything else that he would rather have. And it is this love of good ‘ol comfort food from back home that drives these brothers to put out the best of north indian fare day after day.

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