Delhi Cop Rapes 23 year old Maid Servant at Gunpoint

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Cops were suppose to be the protectors of the society, they have been appointed by the government of India to give protection to the citizens of India under the oath, but what actually happens in always opposite. In India people look at the police as GUNDA with the government uniform, who extort the money from the people to settle their matters, who also threatens and assaults the people for not paying them HAFTA and who also get involved in the flesh trade by supporting the pimps. There are cases on various sections against many police personnel which are running in various courts in India.

In a recent incident, according to the news published in the national daily an Asst. Sub-Inspector was charged for the raping of 23 year old maid servant of his friend at a gunpoint. He has been arrested and sent to 14 days judicial custody for the further investigations. This incident took place in the Northwest Delhi’s Rani Bagh area on Saturday said the police. According to the story narrated by the police source, ASI Javeer Singh who was posted at Panjabi Bagh police station in west Delhi went to his friends place on Thursday night and allegedly molested the maid servant and subsequently raped her on a gunpoint under the influence of alcohol. The CCTV footage shows that police is molesting the girl on the gunpoint before raping her.

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Following the brutal incident the victims has approached the police and filed the FIR against the ASI who was subsequently arrested and sent to 14 day police custody by the magistrate. The medical examination of the girl has confirmed the rape. Commissioner of Delhi police B S Bassi has dismissed the ASI under Article 311(2)(B) (of Constitution) saying that “As far as departmental thing is concerned, we are not going to wait for the departmental enquiry.”  He also assured that the charge sheet will be filed at the earliest and the accused will be convicted.


He affirmed that indulgence of the police officials in such kind of act will not spared “He will not be spared and we need not be told (this) by anybody. This is our determination… we are determined to take strictest possible action against any police officer who indulges in transgression of law,” he said. “Particularly, anybody who indulges in violence or criminal act against woman shall not be spared. Strictest possible action will be taken in this case. As you know, report was lodged with police and he was arrested,” the Delhi Police Commissioner added further.

Considering that the Delhi police will take strict action as suggested by the commissioner of police against their subordinate is very positive remark of the police till date since otherwise they try to fix an enquiry into the matter making it sure that accused is relaxed from the matter. But here the case is different. This shows that the there is change which is taking place in the system and the stringent punishment to such people will set an example for the others. Let’s hope for the best. Please do leave your suggestions and comments on this issue.

News Source: PTI

Video Source: Logical Indian

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