Defence Minister Promises 10 thousand Jobs and Godinho calls Congress most Corrupt

Normally the elections come with lots of promises and sometimes spot gifts too for the voters. The promise is the Mantra used by all the political parties to win over the voter’s heart, It may be in a form of job offers or spot gifts. Some political parties go to the extent of promising the rice and other essential commodities for pennies. But presently, in this case, the former chief minister of Goa and present Defence Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar has offered the whopping 10 thousand jobs to the people of Goa. Where and How? read the complete report here…

Mr. Parrikar was speaking at the Vijay Sankalp Melava at Vasco and he assured the Vascokars that International Airport in their backyard will remain fully functional all the time and they need worry about  the same. “there was no need to worry about the international airport at their backyard as it would keep operating in full swing”. Parrikar said adding that “These are election tantrums and the opposition is trying to fool the people. You need to be alert and not fall a prey to it”.

According to the sources, Mr. Parrikar was addressing the huge gathering of the crowd in Dabolim area which comes under the legislation of recently baptized candidate of BJP, Mr. Mauvin Godinho who called the Congress as most corrupt in his address to the people of Dabolim. While addressing in the 27th Vijay Sankalp Melava Mr. Parrikar said that “BJP is working towards the overall development of the country and the state. In North Goa, the government has started creating jobs and training the youth for the Mopa airport. In South, for Mormugao and parts of Salcete, about 8-10 thousand job vacancies will be created through the Rs 36,000-crore project given to the Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL)”.Although Mr.Defence Minister failed to mentioned the time frame for completing his new promise.

Mr. Parrikar also said that Goa’s tourism industry is booming and it will continue to multiply in BJP’s rule and that will make both the airports to function smoothly. “Goa’s tourism industry is booming and the tourists will multiply under BJP’s governance. So both airports will continue to run smoothly”.

Meanwhile, BJP’s new candidate Mauvin Godhino said that “Modi is one of the strongest leaders in the world today and our very own Parrikar has immensely supported his causes”. Mr. Godinho did not stop here but he went one step ahead by quoting that, It was the congress who engineered all the scams in the state of Goa. “BJP never promoted casinos. It has only permitted those casinos for which the cabinet had passed ordinance while the last government was in power. Governance is a continuous process”.


This the game of politics where the loyalties are short lived and most practical people survive. The people normally support their candidates regardless of their loyalty to the party. In the very simple words, In politics, there is no permanent friend and no permanent enemy.


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