Deepak Dhavalikar Challenges AAP Says Sudin in list or will quit the politics

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Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) president Pandurang ‘Deepak’ Dhavalikar on Monday said that if AAP produces the list of students who passed BSc (Subsidiary) from Chowgule College in 1978 and if Sudin’s name does not appear on it, I will quit the Politics. “AAP should not produce incorrect documents to mislead the people of Goa. They should produce the correct documents. People know the caliber of the people who are making these allegations,” Deepak told the media.

Aam Admi Party had produced the documents on Monday showing that the present PWD minister Sudin Dhavalikar has never completed the BSc and he falsely produced the documents to election commission while filling the nomination for 2012 election affidavit. The first document produced by AAP was the list issued by Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao, of the stundents who had passed BSc in 1978, 1979 & 1980 and Dhavalikar’s name is not there in any of those lists. The next list issued by Bombay University of the students who had appeared for BSc exams in April 1979 and October 1979, here Dhavalikar’s name appers as “Dhavalikar Ramkrishna Madhav” and in both the lists an “F” means failed, is shown against his name.

AAP also produced the sworn in affidavit of Sudin in which he states that he passed his SSCE from Ponda School in 1974-75 and BSc from Parvatibai Chowgule College in 1979-80. There is a contrast in Sudin’s election affidavit producing the degree of 1978 and the BSc degree which his younger brother and MGP president “Deepak Dhavalikar” made public last week. Besides the differences in the degree, AAP also raised the issues about the authenticity of the documents hinting that it might be forged and demanded an enquiry into the whole issue.

The representative of the AAP also met the governor of Goa Mrudula Sinha urging her to direct the chief minister to take action against Sudin Dhavalikar. The state AAP secretary Valmiki Naik was addressing the press conference in the city on Monday; he said that his party will soon file a police complaint against Dhavalikar for cheating. He again demanded that CM should sack Dhavalikar and order the High Court to do the inquiry in this issue.


The AAP has released the following Documents to the Press

  • Copy of Mr. Dhavalikar’s affidavit page showing his claimed educational qualifications and the respective years.
  • Information provided by the Chowgule College, showing the list of persons who passed out from the college having completed the B.Sc. course in the said year 1980, as well as previous years 1978 and 1979. Mr. Dhavalikar’s name does not appear in any of the lists.
  • Copies of mark sheets from the University of Bombay showing Mr. Dhavalikar’s failed attempts to answer the B.Sc. examination in April 1979 and October 1979.


Sudin-declaration-form Sudin-doc-1 Sudin-doc-2 Sudin-doc-3 Sudin-doc-4 Sudin-doc-5 Sudin-doc-6 Sudin-doc-7

Source: TNN

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