Deceased Ashpak Bengre is a millionaire having assets worth over 80 crore across Goa

The sensational Ashpak Bengre brutal murder case has brought many facts into the light. According to the available sources, there are several properties spread over the wider geographical area of Goa worth more than 80 crores that belong to deceased Ashpak Bengre. How he created such a huge amount of assets despite being either behind the bars or on the run is still remains the mystery. This story will give you some of the very shocking details about notorious gangster Ashpak Bengre’s journey and his end. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The criminal minds are the one which remains silent all the time wherein you never know as what is cooking inside them. Some criminals are born with the criminal instinct while the others are made by the society. Ashpak belongs to the former one. Ashpak started his criminal activities right at the age of 18 years with smaller trails. According to the information available from the police records, Ashpak came under police scanner from 1996 with a number of cases getting registered at various police stations in Goa against him. Slowly he started spreading his criminal wings outside the Goa. On 14th September 1998 the case had been registered against him under section 397 R/W 34IPC for robbery and intimidation by Maharashtra Police.

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According to the police records from 1996 till 2013 he had been booked by various police stations in Goa other parts of country on several cognizable cases such as, Murder, Theft, Burglary, Kidnapping, Robbery, Assault etc but due to his terror in the people he was never convicted despite being a part of severe crime. According to the police records, out of around two dozen of cases registered against him, Ashpak was acquitted by various courts in Goa in more than dozens of cases which include the serious crimes such as murder. The major reason behind his acquittal from all the serious cases is the withdrawal of the cases by the complainant out of the fear.

The family of Ashpak consisting of his mother and brother said to have snapped ties with Ashpak due to his criminal activities. His family had given in writing to the Goa Police stat they do not have anything to do with the deceased. During the investigation, police have found out that Ashpak is having the assets worth more than 80 crores out of which, Bungalow at Candolim built on the plot of 1500 sqm area, Three storied Building built on 600 so. mt. the plot in Porvorim, Two flats in Merces and one in St. Inez. Ashpak said to have married twice with one his wife is having a kid while there is no whereabouts of the second, said the sources.


On the fateful day when the attack took place Ashpak was suppose to attend the court in drug peddling case. According to the sources in the central jail, at around 9am Ashpak was sitting and reading the newspaper in cell no. 8 when the accused Vinayak Karbotkar came from behind and attacked him with a sharp weapon. There is a discrepancy in the sources, as some says it all started with verbal spat between the two which resulted in the fight and culminated with the murder of Ashpak. The sources have also revealed that everything took place under the CCTV surveillance and entire incident had been recorded which shows that the accused Karbotkar attacked Ashpak with sharp weapon and ran towards the mess section. The police are not ruling out the possibility of contract killing, claimed the sources.

There is evidence of enmity between Karbotkar and Ashpak but it never went beyond scuffle between them every time, claimed the sources. The sources in jail have claimed that Karbotkar and Bengre were friendly and never had fought or argued. The incident has shocked jail inmates. The preliminary investigation revealed that Ashpask had been severely beaten before his murder. The marks of assaults have been observed on the various parts of his body that include, face, back, hands, head, and cheeks. The police are contemplating that the deceased was assaulted inside the cell and was murdered at the main gate of prison while he was taken to the court.

Police have decided to remain tight-lipped over the issue and the sources have informed that the matter will be handed over to the Crime Branch for the further investigation. The crime branch head Karthik Kashyap told the media that the inquiry is in a preliminary stage as they are yet to get custody of accused. He said the only after the final post mortem report he will be able to come to some conclusion in this case.

The murder accused Karbotkar will be produced before the court for the purpose of remand and then the inquiry in this murder case will begin in the real sense. The facts cannot deny that the murder took place inside the prison and right before the authorities. Perhaps many skeletons will come out of closet due to this case. Let’s wait and watch. Meanwhile, if you wish to leave your comments and suggestions please go ahead.

Source: Various sources.         


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