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Death of Goan youth abroad displays pathetic working environment overseas

Hundreds of thousands of youth are working abroad due to lack of employment in the state of Goa, but the working condition is not as
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Hundreds of thousands of youth are working abroad due to lack of employment in the state of Goa, but the working condition is not as good as it is speculated by the people of Goa, and in most cases, the Goans suffer due to the adverse working condition abroad. The case of the death of a Goan youth on a ship at overseas has exposed the pathetic work environment in the foreign countries.

It does not matter what kind of job Goan do abroad, but the working environment always remains challenging for the Indian nationals. The migration has become possible due to the huge demand of the working class people in the various field in the overseas but all the places do not have a good working environment.

According to the news published in a Marathi local daily Pudhari, John Rodrigues, the 35-year-old youth from Cuncolim died in the Bahamas after a fall due to the negligence of a management of sailing cruise company he was working.

The sources revealed that timely medical attention could have saved the life of youth but the pathetic work environment and lack of proper medical facilities lead to a death of Goan youth while on duty.

According to the sources, the accident took place on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday based on the Indian time.

According to Mr. Soares, a close relative of deceased John, the utter negligence of the senior officials and management of a shipping company caused the death of Rodrigues. At the time when an accident took place, John was busy doing the task on the deck of a ship but the loose ends of the anchoring rope hit the John due to which he suffered the severe injuries resulting into his death. 

“If Jonh was airlifted and admitted into a good hospital in time, then he could have been alive today, but the management ignored his serious injuries and he was kept on the ship for a long time in an injured condition,” said Mariano Soares.

According to the reports, John Rodrigues was working on a ship as a sailor for more than a decade and in the month of May this year, he went to work with Barber Shipping company after his brief visit to the hometown.

On Sunday when the ship was in process of anchoring at Bahamas Islands near America the sailors lost control of the thick rope used for anchoring the ship on Harbour and the rope hit John who was working on a dock. The impact of the rope was so huge that John hit the edge of a ship and suffered serious injuries.        

The sources revealed that John died due to excessive blood loss following the injury and he did not get immediate medical attention in time. The management waited till the ship was anchored and then John was sent to a local hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.

John is surveyed by his two married sisters and old aged parents. John was the only bread earner and the support system of his family and his demise has come as the big shock to his old parents, said the sources in Cuncolim Village.

This is not the first case of death while on duty at overseas. There are several cases of Goan youth losing their lives while working abroad. Last year Supriano Almeida suddenly went missing from Inspiration Cruise belonging to Carnival Shipping Company. Despite of all the efforts the whereabouts of Supriano never came into the light till date.

According to the sources, this is the third case of death in overseas from the same village. The parents of John want the justice for their son and compensation from the shipping company which will be possible only once the investigation in this matter gets over.

The case of John is an example of the kind of work environment Goans have to face while working abroad. Earlier also we have featured the article wherein the Goan youth was taken to the middle east for an office job and he was made to work as a camel herder. With such type of work environment, there is no future for the Goans abroad. What is your view on this story? Please share your suggestions.    

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