Death of American tourist in Goa creates controversy in national and international media

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The recent incident in which an American tourist was chased by the locals who mistook him for a thief resulted into his accidental death. Most of the media labeled it as a murder. The news spread like a fire in the social media and national as well as international news channels.

According to the sources in various news media, 30-year-old American tourist Caitanya Holt who was on his visit to Goa was mistaken by the villagers and police for a thief and allegedly started chasing him, out of the fear of getting beaten up by the mob he jumped into the muddy rice paddy which resulted into his death due to choking in muddy water.

There are contradictions in the various news media reports. The sources claimed that police chased him along with the locals and that he was Mentally Unstable . One of the media even claimed that he was beaten to Death by the locals.

According to the sources, the incident took place on January 13, 2016, at Korgao Village in Pernem.  The locals narrated that he was misbehaving with the villager and the ladies in the village. The sources have revealed that in the afternoon at around 1.30pm Caitan (deceased) started misbehaving with the villagers. They claimed that his mental condition was unstable. He also tried to grab the keys of the scooters parked in that locality. He also allegedly misbehaved with the women in the village and tried to scare them. Locals were allegedly trying to tame him and bring him under control. But he escaped and started running. Reportedly the locals and police started chasing him due to which he jumped into the swampy rice paddy. The villagers did not stop they chased him further and beaten him in the khajan land (swampy Field).

Another media claims that he had a scuffle with some Nigerians at the beach. The sources informed that Caitan was initially chased by the Nigerians as a result of which he entered into one house in Korgao. Th resident out of fear raised the alarm and that resulted into locals chasing him to catch him.

Some of the local channels also claimed that the locals allegedly tied Caitan to a tree and assaulted him. The police arrived at the scene but remained spectators.            Caitan allegedly offered $ 100 to police to save him from the mob but police failed to do so. Although according to the sources the police, as usual, denied the allegations.

The police story claimed that Caitan consumed the mud as a result of which he got choked and subsequently died. The police managed to bring him to the hospital but he breathed his last before his arrival for medical aid. Police registered the case of unnatural death. The body was sent to GMC (Goa Medical Collage) for the post mortem and preservation. “We have sent the body for post-mortem. We will know the exact cause of death after getting the report,” SP (North) Umesh Gaonkar said.

The American officials have demanded the explanation from the Indian Authorities for the death of their countrymen in India. The Superintendent of Police North Umesh Gaonkar has claimed that the villagers were suspected Caitan from the time he came to Goa. The villagers had difficulty in understanding his language and apparently they mistook him for a thief. He also said that the laptop has been recovered from Caitan.

The leader of the opposition has raised the issue on the floor of assembly season. He said that he had been informed by the reliable sources that the police and locals had assaulted the tourist. “If this is the case then who will come to Goa?” he asked. To his question, the chief minister of Goa Laxmikant Parsekar swiftly replied saying that “According to my knowledge the tourist died due to suffocation caused by falling into the sludge.

The post-mortem reports are awaiting and soon the main reason behind the death of Caitan will come up. Meanwhile, the American officials are keeping vigil on the autopsy of Caitan to make sure the transparency is maintained. Let’s wait and watch what happens next. We will keep you updated with the latest development in this matter as it happens.  Meanwhile, kindly leave your honest suggestions on this serious issue.

Source: Various Sources.  


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