In one of the most disgraceful event, that took place at Merces, in St, Cruz constituency, the tourists belonged to Maharashtra were attacked by the local gang from Merces with choppers and rods. The gang attacked on the tourist bus and assaulted the tourists, including the women and children. In an incident, the bus was completely damaged.      

The Merces gang assaulted the tourists, including the women and children on a small argument which broke out between one of the tourist and a local, said the sources. The gang members said to have come on the bikes laced with choppers and iron rods. This incident has once again brought out the dark side of the, once known as the notorious place, in the state, into the limelight.


The incident of attack supposes to have taken place in the Merces, a part of the St. Cruz constituency, on a Wednesday morning. According to the sources, a minor issue which caused an altercation between the tourist and a local guy from Merces resulted into the attack. The tourists were having the breakfast in a restaurant at Merces when the argument broke out.


A small argument which started between two people soon took the shape of a big fight with the local gang coming to the spot and trashing the tourists including the women and children. The Merces gang came laced with the choppers and iron rods while the tourist group comprised of women and children.

According to the sources, a group of tourists, who belonged to Maharashtra, were in Goa on a small vacation. In order to have the breakfast, they went to the restaurant situated at Merces. But while having the breakfast, one of the local guys started an argument with the tourist which resulted in the fight.

Initially, it looked like the argument got over, but the local fellow who went out of the restaurant returned back with the gang laced with choppers and iron roads who attacked the tourist bus and assaulted the tourists severely. The gang of locals did not even spare the women and children, said the sources.


According to the police sources, the tourists had come to Goa on a bus from Vasai Mumbai. After the fight, many tourists, including small children and women were admitted into the GMC. The Goa police managed to arrest some people involved in the fight.

According to the sources, the police arrested, Vishal Goletkar from Merces along with Suraj Shetye, Lorance Dias, and Sai Kundaikar. All the above culprits are History-sheeters having the previous criminal records, said the sources.     

Meanwhile, St. Cruz MLA told the media that he has instructed to the police that Gundagardi will not be tolerated in his constituency. “As far as I am concerned, I will not tolerate the Gundaism in my constituency, and I have directed the police officer to eradicate the Gudaism from St. Cruz constituency,” said the local MLA.


This is one of the most disgraceful events of an attack on the tourists, who’s is the sources of income to the state. What kind of examples are we setting before the world? We suppose to welcome the tourists into the state, and in the case of any arguments, the same needs to be addressed in a logical manner. What is your opinion on this event? Do you think whatever happened can be justified? Please do share your valuable comments and suggestion on this issue.




  1. From what I see in the video even the lady is hitting the tourist. There has to a reason why even the lady would resort to hitting the tourist. This doesnt look like a small argument and I highly doubt that Goans would behave so badly for a small argument. These tourist do manage to get on your nerves, most of the time!

  2. When We should View this as an act between two groups, We see it between Goans and Maharashtrian. Ok, Then The Goans Who Attacked The Bus all three had Criminal History. One of them has been also found guilty in a Rape case.
    But on social media i am surprised to see that people are also abusing the tourist like ‘They Must have said something, Goenkars are mad to go behind them with swords and koytas?’ giving examples of the incident with the Nigerians and how a Goenkar should be Quiet about all this’
    The case about Nigerians display of Masculinity was because of the failure of the Police department who even after knowing what all issue is about With that huge force stood like weak Men While they stopped our NATIONAL HIGHWAY. Civilians managed to Get into action only when the strong looking ones left.
    About The incident at Merces The Tourist were a Family Including women and children. It wasn’t a tour made for Goa’s Exploitation. Saw The Video, the women hitting one of the Attacker with the sword and i don’t find it wrong. If an Opponent, any person that may be, any religion any caste any nationality Comes with weapons and terrorises ur women in front of ur Children, has to be dipped into his own blood..

  3. This needs home ministery involvement and some hard rules needs to be imposed in Goa
    No one hits children and ladies
    If u have fucking guts then go and fight o. Border not here

    Never forget u r just because of ur tourism

  4. I condem any form of violence, peace and love, can solve any problem..the law is here for the same, I hope that the law, will do its best, to keep the peace.

  5. Am I the only one who saw that a lot of women were also beating up those men and for me it looks like those men must have misbehaved with women (just a thought)
    Goa is is a lovely place with good people, but the locals are sometimes irked due to the tourists behavior and this looks like it got escalated, but beating up like this is uncalled for

  6. These is disgraceful,those should be severely punished, Goa in many ways depend on tourism, hope police will set an example that in future no one will dare to such things!


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