Deadly Accident in Verna, 1 dead 5 seriously injured in Car – Pickup Collision

Accidents in South Goa are growing rapidly with recently almost half a dozens of accidents that took place in a various location in south Goa including the Vasco, Margao, and Verna. In one such tragic case, one more deadly accident took place in Verna on Sunday night leaving one dead on the spot and 5 seriously injured. All in the age group of 18 to 20.

According to the sources, one Percy D’Costa (18) from Khariwaddo in south Goa died on the spot in an accident that took place on Verna bypass Junction on Sunday late evening. According to the reports, the car was on its way from Panaji to Margao while it hit the pickup truck.

According the sources, the deceased D’Costa who was traveling in a car from Panaji towards the Margao along with Valaigo Lobo, Ravi Mutkunde, Vikas Kholak, Clinton D’sousa and Ubaldo Rodrigues had reached the Verna Junction when the Pickup truck coming from the opposite direction had suddenly deviated from the lane due to which the driver of the car lost control and rammed into the side of the Pickup truck.

The police sources have informed that the impact was so severe that the police had to cut open the car to rescue the occupants of the car. While the D’costa was declared brought dead at the GMC (Goa Medical College & Hospital) at Bambolim the rest five who got seriously injured are undergoing the treatment.

All the occupants of the car are in age group of 18 to 20 and also the resident of Khariwddo in south Goa said the police sources. The truck driver, Uttam Ganpat Rete, was arrested by the Verna police for rash and negligent driving. PSI Raghoba Kamat is investigating the case further.


Here, in this case, the mistake seems to be a truck driver that have caused the death of youth and injured several but here one more thing also needs to keep in mind that the Driver was only 18 years old. The less experience and rash driven causes the losing the control on the vehicle resulting in death many times. Parents need to provide the vehicles to their children only if they find them highly responsible otherwise the rate of the accident will not reduce and meanwhile, the driver of the Pickup Truck also needs to deal with the iron hand and police needs to investigate of he was drunk or Dozed off while driving.


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