Dead Dolphin Washes ashore at Ashvem Beach in North Goa

Dolphin is a protected sea mammal species and it also severs the purpose of tourism development in the state of Goa. Hundreds of thousands of people come to Goa for watching Dolphins in the shallow water. There are hundreds of small tourism related business have flourished in Goa due to the existence of Dolphins. In such a circumstances the dead Carcass of a male Dolphin washing ashore is an issue of serious concern, said the sources. The more important thing here is, how that Dolphin died and who is at a fault. According to the sources, the tale of a dead Dolphin was cut to release it from the entanglement in the net.

Based the information available from the reliable sources, a male dolphin with some injuries and its carcass in decay washed up ashore dead on Ashvem beach on Wednesday morning. About 2.5 meters long dead mammal was lying on the rock which drew curious visitors to the site, said the sources. “Its tail appeared to have been cut to release it from entanglement in the net,” a source said. An eyewitness said that the injured dolphin was seen gasping and in distress a few nights earlier. “It had been released in the water, but appears to have died later,” he said.

The incident of dead Dolphin washed up ashore was informed to the authorities of Forest Department by the Drishti Lifeguards on duty. “But nothing much could be done,” said the sources adding that “t was later buried near the sand dune area.”       


It may be recalled that, In May 2016, a dwarf sperm whale had been stranded at Palolem beach and a few organizations and others tried to rescue it. But, it eventually died in traumatic conditions, exposing a lack of a marine mammal response network in Goa. It appeared to be injured and in distress, but efforts of tourists and foreigners and local people proved futile in controlling the beach crowd, as people tried to touch and crowd around the gasping mammal. “A capacity building to set up a marine mammal stranding response network is the need of the hour,” a source said.



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