Daylight Robbery in Bank of India at Mapusa, 1 arrested


Thieves do keep inventing unique ideas to make foolproof robbery without realizing that they have to end up in the jail one day or the other. In a similar case group of 10 to 12 people posing as customer entered the premises of Bank of India on the pretext of doing the business and after engaging the bank staff in conversation one of them managed to disappear in thin air with the suitcase containing 12 Lakh.

According to the news published in most of the news papers in Goa the Bank was within the range of few meters from Mapusa Police station where the robbers manage to decamp with 12 Lakh in the broad day light. One of the suspects has been arrested within 12 hours of the robbery at Canacona while he was planning to escape from Goa by interstate bus. According to the sources this is supposed to be of the biggest bank robbery that north Goa has witnessed so far.

As per the information provided by the SP north Umesh Gaonkar “The robbers entered the bank somewhere around 10 to 10.15 while it was opened for the business and soon they able to get the bank staff engaged into the conversation while one of them managed to enter the restricted area of the bank and grabbed the bag containing 12 Lakh was kept behind the casher and fled away with it”.    

After receiving the information from the bank Mapusa PI Tushar Vernekar along with his team rushed to the premises and commenced the investigation. First thing they did is took the control of banks CCTV footage and conducted the panchanama while the forensic experts and dog squad been put into action. Somehow immediately after the incident the CCTV footage went viral on all social media platform including the whatsapp making the job of police easier to nab the accused within very short span of time.


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Immediately after the inspection of CCTV footage police laid the trap for the accused on all the exit points of Goa and they managed to nab the accused named Madhusudan M from the Karnataka bus while trying to flee from Goa. Police did not had any difficulty to recognize him since the images and video was already available across on mobile phones & social media. This case shows how the use of technology can be made for the good.

Source: Various Sources    


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