According to the available information from reliable sources, the most wanted Indian fugitive Dawood Ibrahim has apparently been caught on the video camera of a media. The sources have claimed that they have managed to get the video footage of the notorious gangster and terrorist who is been hiding in the Pakistan for many years. How they managed to get such sensitive information which is not yet collected by the Interpol? Who did they deploy on this job? Please read the following report. (WATCH VIDEO AT BOTTOM)

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published by one of the leading news agency IANS, the Indian channel CNN-NEWS18 on Wednesday made a claim that they have tracked down the address and location of India’s most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim who according to them is presently based in Pakistan.

The news channel released the statement in the media quoting that they have proved something that Pakistan was denying for the past 23 years.  “CNN-NEWS18 has secured clinching video evidence of Dawood Ibrahim’s presence in Pakistan, a claim denied by Islamabad for 23 long years,” the news channel said in a statement released here.

The channel reportedly has used two Pakhtun men whose “names were withheld for safety reasons” to identify Dawood’s Karachi-based residence with address bungalow No. D-13 Block 4 Clifton. The location matches with one of the five addresses mentioned by India in its dossier to Pakistan.

The news channel  have claimed that they have checked all five addresses of Dawood which is mentioned in India’s dossier to Pakistan, “Only one of the addresses in Karachi, D-13, Block 4, Clifton, was in a high-security zone,” it said.

The channel has made many shocking revelations. According to them, even the common men in that locality knows where India’s fugitive underworld don lives in Pakistan. “Starting at Clifton Marquee, a banquet hall named after the affluent Karachi locality where Dawood lives, the CNN-News18 team stopped every 100 meters, asking about Dawood Ibrahim’s house. All those asked pointed to the same address D-13 Block 4 Clifton,” the channel said in the statement.

According to the channel, they had deployed two Pakhtun men for this job and they have claimed that they are succeeded in their mission. “They (two Pakhtun men) made four rounds separately from different directions and spotted the house of Dawood Ibrahim. During the third round, they checked about Dawood Ibrahim from a street side stall,” the statement added.

The news channel also claimed to have spoken to police officers in Karachi and the security guard at Dawood’s mansion, “all of whom confirmed that Dawood has been living in Clifton”. The channel asserted that its “evidence is proof of how Pakistan has sheltered India’s most wanted terrorist”.

“CNN-News18 investigation reveals that Dawood’s presence in Karachi is common knowledge, which contradicts the constant denial by a series of governments in Pakistan of Dawood’s base there,” the channel said.

It is not the new practice that is being followed by the Dawood alone. Most of the Indian fugitives take rescue in countries Pakistan, UAE, and UK. The law does not provide any remedy to get these criminals back or perhaps the high-level political connections and lot of money saves them from getting caught!! It looks like the law is made for the common men only. Please leave your comments on this issue.


Dawood CNN video link

Source: Various sources



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