COVID Vaccination Begins In India, 1.6 Lakhs Healthcare Workers Given Vaccine Shots In First Round, 51 People Shows Adverse Reaction

Covid Vaccination Begins in India
Covid Vaccination Begins in India

Over 1.6 Lakh healthcare workers in India getting their first COVID-19 vaccine shot on January 16, the first day of the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination drive. However, more than 51 people across India reported adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Sunday said that there have been 31 cases of minor complications reported from the Covid-19 vaccine that was rolled out across India on Sunday.

“Only one case in Delhi had been admitted to the hospital the remaining 51 did not have to be hospitalized. There were only observed for a short while” says Jain.

One of the cases from south Delhi has been reported as severe and this 22-year-old man is now seemed to be stable, the said individual received the vaccine shot and within 10 minutes had developed headaches, rashes, respiratory distress, and tachycardia. He was given Avil and Hydrocortisone and was eventually admitted to the ICU when conditions did not improve. 

Later this youth was admitted to the intensive care unit at the India Institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS). His symptoms worsened about half an hour after the initial stabilization. His case has been classified as serious ARFI as per the guidelines.

The CoWIN app is being used to count the total number of beneficiaries. This app showed glitches on January 16

Union minister Harsh Vardhan says “We have decided to suspend the vaccination for the next 2 days. On January 8 when dry run was conducted and again today, I specifically pointed out problems with the coWIN app”

The coWIN app requires the heath beneficiaries’ data in real-time when they get the shot. The software is supposed to create and send automatic messages scheduling an appointment for the vaccination. 

“Today being Sunday only six states conducted vaccination drive and in 553 sessions a total of 17,072 beneficiaries were vaccinated,” says the ministry additional secretary Manohar Agnani.

Agnani said a total of 2,23,301 beneficiaries have been vaccinated till January 17 as per the provincial report, adding that 2,07,229 of them received the jobs on day one of the drives.

The number of people vaccinated in the country on day one of the drive is the highest in the world. “It is higher than the numbers in the US, UK, and France on day one,” says Agnani.

(with the inputs from India Today) 

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