COVID Cases Show A Decline In State; Mortality Rate Currently at 1.1%

Covid-19 Cases on Decline in Goa

In what is being viewed as a relief, Covid-19 daily numbers in the state have been showing a gradual reduction in the last two days. Goa recorded 344 new confirmed positive cases yesterday. 

As per daily statistics released by the health department of the government, the state has witnessed a gradual reduction of new cases within the last two days. The initial beginning days of this month’s saw the state record new daily high numbers for two days in a row. 

The state had recorded 588 new cases on September 1st. However, on September 2nd, the state reported 639 positive cases, only to record another single day spike of 713 cases the next day. Following the highest spike on September 3rd, Goa recorded 508 and 592 new cases for the next two consecutive days. 

Goa reported a massive surge of 3040 new covid-19 positive cases within just five days of September. Furthermore, 37 deaths were reported within this short period of time. 

The last two days however the numbers have reduced drastically with 374 and 344 new cases added, comparatively much lower than what the state had reported for the first five days of the month. 


Deaths however have been on the higher side, though medical experts claim that fatalities are bound to increase with increasing new cases. 

The state’s fatality rate stands currently at 1.1 %, though most deaths being reported are being tagged as co-morbid and underlying health conditions. 52 deaths have been reported in total this month itself. 

As per the state’s mortality bulletin, of the nine deaths reported yesterday, eight died between the first and sixth day after being admitted to the hospital. The health authorities have repeatedly stressed that patents are being brought in late for treatment, thereby increasing the risk of fatality due to the infection. 

Meanwhile, the new South Goa district hospital has been assigned as a dedicated COVID hospital – the third in the state. According to Health Minister Vishwajit Rane, nearly 400-500 beds will be available at this new facility. 

Goa Medical College will still continue to treat and manage seriously ill and critical COVID-19 patients.  

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