Corruption in Goa toils in very organized way says Yogendra Yadav

Yougenra Yadav is a rebellion member of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) who was expelled from the party two months ago for alleged anti party activities and formed the new front called “Swaraj Abhiyan” along with Prashant Bhushan, Anand Kumar, Ajit Jha. Yadav was in Goa for promoting his Swaraj Abhiyan amongst the politician and social activists of Goa told the media that the Goa is a tiny state on India’s Map having the corruption in very organized way he also claimed that Goa has huge potential to platform the alternative ideas rather than just being a tourist destination.

Yadava was talking on the environmental issue of Goa cited on various issues particularly on environment saying “It has a special legacy of people’s movement. Goa is one State that can show a path to the country on green politics, considering its history of fighting for the environmental causes”. He mentioned that Goa is facing the challenge of “Organized Corruption” such as rampant illegal mining which has stopped three years back due to the destruction of natural resources. “Environment is a major issue and it is waiting to get into a big political issue. Goa had taken up environmental movements, which were successfully run by the literate sections of the society. It has a tradition of citizen activism,” he added.

According to the sources Yadav was here to meet some prominent people in political circle as the meeting organized by him was attended by the prominent social activists and a congress legislator Aleixo Reginaldo, though Reginaldo has denied that there is any intention of switching the political loyalty at the moment. “I had just come to attend the meeting. There is nothing,” he told the media. He emerged out of the meeting along with environmentalist Claude Alvares, Dr. Oscar Rebello and others

The rebellion AAP leader said that anybody is free to join his Swaraj  Abhiyan mission but they would not be enrolled as office bearer although he refused to reply on the question of media if Lourenco or any other politician has shown their interest of joining the Swaraj Abhiyan. “Anyone who subscribes to our policy is free to join us. We want a person with a clean image and who believes in our policy. If a politician joins us, he would not be given office bearer status,” he said. Meanwhile the sources revealed that, Lourenco is the only congress legislator who is seen lobbying with the independents, which are in the process of forming a third front in Goa.


Political parties are mushrooming in India at very high pace with their own idolism and policies and the major chunk of source is originated from the rebellions and expelled members of the national parties. These new trends making the voters confused as where to place their reliance in the future. Meanwhile the only party which has emerged and here to stay for the long time is BJP at the moment.

News Source: HERALD

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