According to the news published in various local and national media, Digvijaya Singh, 68, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is been in news for quite some time over the alleged affair with TV anchor Amrita Rai who supposedly works for Rajya Sabha TV channel. Lately media had published some of their intimate pictures on which Digvijaya Singh was upset with the media and he said “I do condemn encroachment in our private life”.  A 68-year old widower marrying a woman much younger than him created a ruckus amidst the Lok Sabha elections in India.


After some of their intimate images leaked while on their vacation aboard went viral on the social media and the issue became serious, Amrita Rai then filed the case of “Encroachment of Privacy” claiming that her social account was hacked. Meanwhile ex-husband of Amrita Rai came up to support their (digvijaya and Amrita) relationship saying that he is already separated from Amrita as they had been going through the rough patch. He also posted on the social media following thought process “People who are unable to understand the minute details of a man and woman’s relationship, who refuse to acknowledge a woman’s existence and her independence, who are not ready to look at a woman away from how the patriarchal society looks at them, who think a woman is a machine to produce children and a personal property, who don’t respect a woman’s dignity; for them this is an opportunity to make fun, fling mud and get personal”.

According to the reports the couples were not available to comment on this issue as they are in US at present as informed by Digvijaya over the phone to the media he is currently in US and will make an official announcement about his marriage once he returns. ”Haan meri shadi ho gayi hai Amrita se (Yes, I am married to Amrita now). Right now I am in US for her treatment. Will make the official announcement about my marriage when I return to India,” he said.

Digvijaya Singh and TV anchor were allegedly dating each other for quite some time as reported by the Indian Express news channel. Amrita Rai who is already separated from her previous husband twitted that “I have separated from my husband and we have filed a mutual consent divorce papers. After which I have decided to marry with Digvijaya Singh”.

Digvijaya Singh’s wife had expired in 2013 after battling cancer for several years; he has four daughters and a son from his previous marriage. According to the report his children do not have any objection with this marriage. Amrita has posted on the social network “I would like to share with my friends that I and Digvijaya Singh have married in a solemn ceremony, as per the Hindu rites. We have also later registered our marriage. On this occasion, I would like to thank all those who have stood by me through all the difficult times that I faced recently. Last one and a half years have been particularly stressful and traumatic. I was the victim of a cyber crime, but was treated as a criminal. I was trolled and abused in most derogatory language for no fault of mine. Those who themselves have no concept or belief in love and dignity tried to shame me on social media. But all during this period, I kept a dignified silence and went on with my work, believing in myself and my love for Digvijaya. I know, question have been raised and will be raised on the age difference between us. But I sincerely feel that at my age I know what is good for me and I can take my decisions as per my own wisdom. We live in a modern, progressive India, and the constitutional and legal framework has empowered me to decide about my life and my life’s choices. I also know that motives can be attributed to my decision. Time is the only final arbitrator in such matters. I am a professional woman, who has worked hard throughout my career and has made a place and reputation for myself. I believe in my professional capabilities and like any other modern women, I have and will continue to shoulder my personal and family responsibilities on my own. I have married Digvijaya Singh for love. Therefore, I have already requested him to transfer all his property and belongings to his son and daughters. I only want to embark on this new journey with him, working towards a dignified, professional career. Once again, thank you all my friends, my office colleagues and well-wishers for everything”.

The statement released by Amrita on the social media is an eye opener to all those who gossip about the relationship between man and women based on the factors such as, Age, race, social standard, which is hypocritical in nature. An elder man marrying younger women is considered as deplorable in India for whatsoever reason but as told by the Aristotle, the 300 BC Greek philosopher “There should be 19-year age gap between a man and a woman” contemplating matrimony. Now why did he said that, is not known yet but in our land it still considered as an offence. Goa Prism team wishes Digvijaya Singh and Amrita Rai, a happy married life. Please do not forget to leave your most valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.


Letter Written by Amrita Rai which was Shared on social media after facing people's criticism pertaining to her relationship with Digvijaya Singh
Letter Written by Amrita Rai which was Shared on social media after facing people’s criticism pertaining to her relationship with Digvijaya Singh

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