In one of the most shocking incident completely charred body of a young girl found behind SFX Ground at Bhamon Waddo in Siolim village situated in north Goa. The body has been burnt beyond recognition and the Anjuna police are doing the investigation to find out if the deceased is Indian or Foreigner. After the recent case of Danielle McLaughlin, nothing can be ruled out, said the sources.

People of Siolim village are in the state of shock after one of the villagers discovered the burnt body lying in the bushes on the roadside in Siolim north Goa and then informed the police. The murder is supposed to have taken place in the wee hours of the day said the sources.



The senior officer belonging to the Siolim police station told the media that the body was spotted by the roadside near the bushes on the main road of Siolim Village. The road further leads to Anjuna which is famous amongst the foreigners. The Villagers are speculating that this could be the similar case like Danielle McLaughlin wherein the victim was first raped and then murdered to silence her. It is also possible that accused wanted to erase the identity of the victim and burnt the body, said the sources.

The Anjuna police who is handling this case told the media that the body was completely burnt beyond recognition. “The body has been completely charred beyond recognition,” Anjuna police inspector Sanjay Dalvi told PTI. Dalvi said the woman, who seemed to be aged between 20 and 30, was apparently dragged to the spot by the accused before being set ablaze in the village, located around 25 km from the state capital.



The police control room had flashed the message across Goa to find out if there is any missing reports have been lodged in any of the police stations in Goa during last few days since the body has been burnt to such an extent that it is very default to establish if the girl is Indian or foreigner and unless the there some missing report comes the difficulties of the police will further increase, said the sources. “We will soon try to round up suspects in the case. The first task is to identify the body,” said the senior police officer.

The people of Siolim village are in the state if shock the there is a huge outrage in the villagers and they demanded the immediate trace out the criminals. With this new incident, there are another concerns has been raised about the safety of women in the state of Goa.

The case of Irish National Danielle McLaughlin is yet to reach to the court and this another incident came to the light that too in the coastal area of Goa where maximum foreigners reside in this locality and the possibility of a repetition of Danielle case cannot be ruled out here, said the sources in the village. Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this serious issue and we will update you with the latest developments in this case as it comes.





  1. wow after reading lots of response’s iv decided to give my view on India. Or goa.
    I’m white not privalaged to the west but in India I feel privaliged. My income I work hard for. I didn’t take a holiday in 10 years and had been nearly 17 years since I was on a holiday of somekind. I was going to go to Europe for a little break, my scotish friend talked me into going to Goa via Mumbai.
    Wow everything I had read before going was true. Its a shit hole. well that’s what I first thought. Coming from a very sterile country as England I really thought shit what have I came too.
    However with in the first taxi ride through Mumbai I cried my eyes out at the children that was brutally handycaped. begging at the windows for money. I cried and looked at my friend sandy and said how can this happen? I have 2 girls back home and it would destroy me if they ended up like this….
    Sandy told me it was gang related and not to give money. I found it very hard not to. I am a Ex MMA. Ex military. ex prisoner. I grew and relooked at my surondings and embrased it. After all if I didn’t I was going to crumble and break down. It hurt me turning those kids away from the window but as soon as I got to grips with it I soon realised there are so many people who see the colour of my skin and instantly think MONEY. SEX.
    Fuck that I am hard and I don’t crumble so once I learned the ground I became hard skinned but gave when I thought It was needed and not because I’m weak. just iv got family and I value them. So I value humans and I value my life.
    I left Mumbai and headed down to Goa. Wow peace and quiet….. So I thought!!!!!!
    Once I settled into Anjuna I became friends with so many people from so many different back grounds. But I met a great indian guy. in fact I met so many great guys and females. My time in India was not with out ppain or sorrow. There was not a single week that I didn’t want to fly back to England. But I had not healed from a life time of pain.
    See I lost my best friend of 25 yeas and I was broken when I got to India. I cried all 3 flights and cried for the first 2 or 3 weeks.
    But if it was not for the great local people I met or none locals then I think my time in India would of been a whole lot worse.
    I was sexually assaulted by a guy who stoped and offered a lift on his bike. I was towards primrose where my friend run it. The pack of dogs wanted to constantly bite my arse on that road, so when the indian guy from Deli offered me a lift I jumped at it. on the way (100 yards) his hand came from behind and started stroking my leg saying I’m beautiful. I asked him to stop it. he did then he tried again, by now I was at the destination and jumped of. I told him he was out of order and if he try it again then I wont be held responsible for what happen next. He was very sorry for offeneding me. offered me a meal to say sorry. I declined his offer.
    I got so much love from people and so much respect. This is down to me knowing who I am and not taking shit. I made a great friend called Vincent who made my first 2 weeks amazing and friendly. wow this family was truly amazing.
    I was in vagator and I am going to name the person as shaming them is better then violence.
    My friend has pprimrose and the oowner is a friend. his friend david from curles was asking me am I a it. My back was up and I asked what do you mean am I a it. he was being a snide little shit. So I told him if he does not mind his respect then I may forget mine. He was like why? you look as if you work out. I told him I did MMA he was like chatting to a friend of mine and he was trying to talk my friend from scotlan to rape me. His words were. C I know she can handle herself but I think me and you can beat her and we can rape her. At this point I stood up and said I really want you to try that shit with me. Mr C then backed me up and told david you don’t ever say that shit to a female. And not to a friend. when my other friend came back I told him and I also told him. look I don’t give a shit if he is your friend or not if he looks at me wrong or trys any shit then I’m going to ground and pound his head into the road.
    Apart from these 2 eppisodes I still got Indian guys asking for photos and even had to stare down a bunch of fishermen on gadgibag beach in the south. after I say no. they still advanced on me until I stod up flexed myself at them and screamed FUCK OFF TO THEM ALL.
    They took of and I layed back down to sun bathe.
    You see I know theres massive problems with men and there draconian attitudes but I didn’t get put off. WHY???? because I am me and I don’t take shit. I give love and respect to all unless I feel threatened and then that twinkle in y eye flikers and I think I’m going to war.
    I love India and I love Goa. I love the people and I love that its openly corrupt. it is.. I love the area and I love the shittyness of the place. Most of all I love the country as a whole. WHY????? Because I am me. I am not you and I do not look for perfection as in life there is no such thing. If you accept things and you embrace it all then you can count your blessings and strive to make a difference. I love how people want to find negativity with out trying to change the very things they are slagging off. That means bad mouth things. or people!!!!
    My country is bland. Sterile. Broken. England is fucked and if you think it would be great to live there, then think again. It is the biggest corrupt government I have ever lived under!!!!!! England is shit. Low wages hi tax and rent is a joke. food is piosonus and GMO foods are killing our people. You can no longer see a doctor when your sick. You can no longer get good dentist treatments unless your filthy stinking rich and pay a fortune for it. You cant just walk down the road and not hear some shit head saying some kind of bullshit. The hate from people is disgusting and disgraceful. Its racist yes it is. Its homophobic. it is vile and disgusting. One point I like to pick up on is everyone on here saying about litter. Look take a train ride anywhere in Britain and you see lines and line of shit/rubbish littered everywhere. Just people dot see it coz there heads are up there own arse or in a phone/laptop/tablet or a bottle or beer. The country is on tender hooks and is a short hair away from a riot..
    Our great country is not so great and the white folk would like to blame that shit on none local people like polish or romainians or Russians. infact they will blame everyone but take responisbilty for there own shitty actions.
    My country is corrupt. lies rule and thiefs thrive. If you try to distance yourself from idiots there hell bent on making your life shit. Why?? because there lifes are shit and dragging you down to a gutter is fulfilling to them. Yes there is still nice people in my country but there getting hard to find.
    For 44 years iv suffered at the hands of tirrany and took crap upon crap. iv been to war a few times living here. And hate is at the forefront of every white persons mind. if they don’t like what they hear then there aggressive bad traits come to the front, and manners and dignity is forgotton.
    When I went to India yes it was a culture shock, bit once I accepted it and once I learned there ways I soon loved it and soon seen the outstanding beauty of the country.Not only that I fell in love with it. I cried on the plane back to hell. (England) and when I got home I soon realised that India and Indians had indeed impacted on my soul. Yes its got problems but if we brush things under the carpet then how can we make it a better it a better place. I already think its perfect and yes the attitudes of Indian men needs to change. There needs to be a change and I plan on going back to do just that. Make a change.
    Embrace it and you will love it regardless of the shit you see. I see shit in this hell hole but I make it how I can. my life here Is not as fulfilled as it is in India. I had 2 bike crashes and when I fell of the bike and I was amazed at the local people who was working on the road. They came running over, stopping traffic and carried me over to there work station to clean my wounds and offered to take me to hospital. I had another crash outside some kashmiris and then they came to my rescue. Gave me water. cleaned my cuts. took me to hospital, waited for me, took me back to my bike and offered to drive me thro to Agonda. You see if you have closed eyes you will never see the good in anything. a open mind and a open heart will open doors and then your life is much more fulfilled. there will never be anything negative. if you can always take a positive form a negative then that negative really is not there.
    Peace and love. to all. +

  2. Female is easy to recognise by the shape of the pelvis.. When I talk with police or others locals. Most say. It was probably a BAD girl.. And not one of kur girl. Because family would have come forward. OK few days back they found a dead Gian girl dead non natural dead. They say probably over dose behind the church of calangute. Goan girl.. If it’s a karnataka girl that came to work.. Or a tourist.. How can we define bad girls.. The one that stay out at night and hang out with boys.. Prostitutes.. Or a naive tourist…

  3. Could the person be found through Dental Records that I think could show if they are Indian or not.
    Or DNA tests because there must be Something left to test for DNA and then they could determin race.
    Also if there is nothing there how do they know its a Female???!!!


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