Complete collapse of Traffic System on the Porvorim – Panaji Road

Traffic is a terrible headache no matter where you travel. The recent issue near Porvorim is creating a lot of problems for commuters as the new bridge is currently in process of construction. The third Mandovi bridge project is currently 80% completed and was actually a 4-year project but had to increase the period of time until December 2018. No one said to stop the development, but the mismanagement that has been happening is causing delays for people going to work, meetings, functions, and even the school children since the new academic year began.

There is heavy machinery used in the construction of the bridge that is lying on the road, leaving it just like that. Also, there is no alternative road connecting Porvorim and Panaji and thus earlier the road could not be closed for the bridge construction work. Commuters had to bear with this entire nuisance daily while going and coming from their destinations. But ever since a part of the road was blocked for construction purpose, it has become hectic to drive and ride on the narrow side of the road. Huge buses and trucks following the road cause a traffic jam, but they cannot help it as there is no other option. According to TOI, not only traffic has become a trouble, but the road is being constantly damaged with the usage of just one narrow side; this has recently led to many accidents too.

The tourists coming to Goa are constantly complaining about their delay to the airport and other places. They describe the task as unorganized. After all, what can the construction people do about it? There is only one road connecting Panjim and Porvorim. In fact, instead of grumbling every day, people should understand the need to be patient and not rush. Rushing only leads to more traffic and accidents. Yes, we understand that we all want to reach on time to our respective places; it can happen the right way if we are more careful. And instead of taking wrong cuts and rushing around the area, it is better to stay alert and safe. In this way, all can reach on time. Moreover, the government should make sure to keep at least more than two traffic policemen on duty. The road is narrow and dangerous and sometimes people may be confused (especially when we are not in a state of mind), therefore it is extremely necessary to be under constant guidance by the duty officers. This will benefit a lot if the government and people work together until the bridge is finally done.


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