Class Ten Student Commits Suicide After Being Denied Smartphone For Online Classes 

Class Ten Student
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In a tragic incident, a class ten student from Sattari died by suicide today morning. He allegedly committed suicide at his residence. 

According to information available, the deceased boy has been identified as a 15-year old Rohit Bhago.

As per sources, the boy allegedly took his life after he was denied a smartphone by his parents. 

The boy, who is in class ten, currently had online classes underway. The parents, being financially unable to provide the smartphone for the child’s classes, denied the boy’s request.

After repeated requests for a smartphone, and subsequently the same being denied by the parents, the boy committed suicide today morning at his residence.


Valpoi police have confirmed that the boy was a class ten student of Government High school, Dongurlim, Sattari, and was residing in the Palli area. 

The body was retrieved by police officials and is being preserved at Goa Medical College for a post mortem report to be conducted later in the day.

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