Clash of Tiatrists – Goan Tiatrist Conception de Tuem assaulted by group of people belonging to another tiatrist

The most shocking and highly embarrassing incident took place in Goa today. Tiatrist (Goan musical theater artist) Conception de Tuem was slapped by the wife of another Tiatrist Francis de tuem while he was performing on the stage. According to the sources, Jenny Fernandes came on the stage with her supporters and brutally assaulted Tiatrist with blows and kicks. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This day might get marked as black day in the history of Tiatr in Goa. This is perhaps the first time that the professional rivalry amongst the theater artists in Goa has been exposed to the public. Although, Tiatrists are used to get threats from the politicians and other highly placed people in the society whom they expose in their act but the attack on Tiatrist from the people from its own league is the first of its kind of case in the state.

According to the sources, this awful incident took place on Saturday at Ravindra Bhavan in Margao. The sources also revealed that this is an outcome of a personal revelry amongst the theater artists. Police said that Conception de Tuem was performing on the stage when the lady walked up to the stage and slapped the Tiatrist. Following this a group of people came along with the lady started assaulting Conception de Tuem.

The real reason behind this attack is not known but police us speculating the professional jealousy could be the reason behind the assault. According to the sources, Conception de Tuem belongs to the same village Tuem in south Goa where Francis de Tuem belongs to.

Margao police have arrested the main accused Jenny Fernandes, wife of Tiatrist Francis de Tuem and her supports who jointly assaulted the Tiatrist in a very brutal manner. The Tiatrist has lodged the complaint with Margao police under the section of Attempted to Murder, against Jenny Fernandes, wife of Francis de Tuem, said the sources.


The Tiatrist Conception de Tuem told the media that while he was performing on the stage lady from the audience came on the stage and assaulted him. “I was performing on the stage one lady from the audience came on the stage and slapped me following to that the group of around 25 people came on the stage and started assaulting me. Later I came to know that her name is Jenny Fernandes, wife of Francis de Tuem,” said Conception adding that “it was a pre-planned attack on me as she came with goons who assaulted me mercilessly with blows and kicks.”

The investigation officer C L Patil said that Margao police received the call at around 4.30pm informing about the assault. “We received the call stating that there is a fight at Ravindra Bhavan. We immediately rushed to the spot with the team of police and arrested the accused lady and sent Conception for medical treatment. According to our information the accused lady had assaulted Conception due to the objection on some Kantar (Konkani song), he was singing on the stage.”

The Margao police have registered the FIR against the Jenny Fernandes and her 10 to 15 supporters who along with Jenny were involved in the assault of tiatrist Conception de Tuem. The police investigations are in progress and the culprits will be taken to the task. The wounds of Tiatrist will heal in time to come and arrested people will be bailed out but the dark day that industry of Tiatr had witnessed today will never wash out from the history of Tiatr. No punishment to the accused people will be sufficient enough to bring back the dignity of the Theater of Goa that has lost its respect today. If you wish to say something please go ahead.

Source: Various sources       


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