Reportedly there was a clash at the Mall de Goa at Porvorim which resulted in the damage of certain mall property and two security guards were injured. The mall officials and police preferred to remain silent over the issue. The police complaint in this regards was lodged at the Porvorim police station by the Mall authorities against the culprits on the late night of Sunday. What exactly happened at the mall? Read here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the available information from the reliable sources, the tussle between a car driver and security guards took place on a Sunday evening at Mall de Goa in Porvorim. The dispute was reportedly over the parking issue at the mall.


The local daily The Goan reported that the Mall manager was at the police station in Porvorim at the late night to lodge the complaint of the incident and hence the proper information could not be obtained. But based on the information made available by the reliable sources, the fight erupted over the issue of parking at the mall.

As per reports, the dispute started over the parking of a car at the mall. The security guards took objection on the parking of the car on the highway outside the mall saying that police have instructed them to not to allow anyone park car on the highway. But the driver did not listen to their instructions and forcibly parked his car on the highway.

The further argument over the issue made the matter worst and driver apparently started assaulting the security guard. Looking at the fight another security guard came to the rescue of earlier one but driver assaulted him too.

Following to this, some more people got involved in the fight resulting into the damaging of some property at the mall in the process. According to the reports, the officials at the mall were reluctant to give out any details and the security manager was also not available at the mall since he was at Police station to file the complaint.

Goa Prism tried contacting the Porvorim police station but they informed that there was a small issue at the mall but no official complaint was lodged with them. The Mall is having the issue with parking since its inception and people do not want to park inside the mall property since they charge the unacceptable fees. This issue may become recurring if the mall authorities do not take proper steps to make proper parking arrangements. If you wish to share your views over the parking at the Mall please go ahead. If anyone of you has been at the mall on that day you can please share your information on this here.

Source: Various sources                  




  1. Charging the parking fees could be at the descertion of the mall owners it is the people need to decide if they wish to visit the mall again and again. meanwhile they need to mention in a big letters “PAY PARKING” which apparently not done at the moment. only when you exit with your car you come to know as how much you need to pay that too depending on the time you spent. second issue it the parking lot stinks due to sewerage underneath. when the mall is charging it becomes the premium service and they need to look into these issues. if these few things sorted out i feel they have fair right to charge their customers.

  2. Every mall over india charges much more than mall de goa for parking. People are happy to pai those cities. When u can buy cars worth lakhs, why can u pay small amount for your car. Parking on the road only creates traffic kams. Whether it belongs to govt or xyz…i can understand that this is the first mall in goa and people will take time to understand.


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