City Cops revolt against the suspension of colleagues


Gambling is growing rampantly in the city on the backdrop of casinos including the land based as well as off shore. One can witness slot machines installed in many places in the city and working illegally. You cannot ignore the MATKA which is flourishing silently across the Goa. Finally this situation has lead to the suspension of 4 cops attached to the city police station for not initiating action against slot machines in a shop. The news of suspension spread like fire and entire police staff staged the protest against the act of the senior officials. Surpassingly within the fraction of time the top brass officers said that no suspension order has been issued yet.

According to the available information the shops where the gambling activities takes place in the city had been raided by the crime branch on March 19 and total 20 persons had been arrested. This raid was the consequences of the grievances of the citizens whose children were apparently frequented to this shop.   An activist had complained to the DIG that the Panaji police station had failed to act against the shops operating slot machines.

Based on this information the DIG V Ranganathan had issued suspension orders to head constables Ulhas Khot, Appa Parab and two beat constables Annasaheb Prabhudesai and Sanjay Hullar. Within minutes of the order, staff members gathered outside the DySP’s office, questioning why they were being targeted instead of senior officials. After the unexpected protest, although in a peaceful manner, top police officials were taken back their decision. DGP T N Mohan said, they had not issued any suspension order, but, had ordered a departmental inquiry against the police staff for not taking action against gambling activities.

As per the order issued by DIG Mr.  Ranganathan, the suspended personnel were directed not to leave the headquarters without obtaining the permission of the DIG. Despite repeated attempts, Ranganthan could not be contacted. Mohan said the departmental inquiry will try to find out how the personnel were not aware about the operation of slot machines in their beat area.


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