Churchill’s IT Consultant’s office raided by crime branch exposes assets worth 100 Crore

Raid on Churchill office (file photo) credit NT

It looks like the Crime Branch of Goa is not leaving any stone unturned to keep Churchill under the lockup and to make sure that, they doing whatever is required. The present raid on Churchill’s IT consultant’s office is one such example which displays the extra interest of Crime Branch in Alemao’s case. According to the available information, Crime Branch police investigating into the Louis Berger bribery case on Saturday attached documents of assets worth over 100 crores, reportedly belonging to Churchill Alemao and his family members.

This move of crime branch has surprised many as earlier in the month of August when crime branch tried searching the house of Alemao they did not found anything but now suddenly they established the information about the availability of documents at Alemao’s tax consultants office that too in different city is still a mystery. In the raid police recovered several vital documents and computer hard disks containing records of Churchill’s accounts from the office of tax consultant-cum-chartered accountant M/s Dayesh Naik and Company (MGR and Company) based at the first floor of Pinto Apartments behind Vidhyadhiraj Bhavan, Vasco. The raid started at around 11 am and continued till 6 pm.

The crime branch has attached the property papers and assets worth more than 100 crore in the name of Churchill and his other family members. Preliminary information has revealed that the property papers are in the name of Churchill Alemao, his wife Fatima Alemao and Son Saivo Alemao. There are papers of companies formed in the names of various family members. This new discovery may work as very strong evidence against the interest of Alemao in the court of law. Police is also planning to summon the tax consultant for the further inquiry.

According to the information published by the daily Heraldo “The evidences have shocked the Crime Branch sleuths besides various companies and properties registered in the name of Churchill’s wife Fatima, son Savio and himself, they also unearthed a Candolim-based resorts cum onshore casino, Raffles Square Development Pvt Ltd, in the name of one of his daughters. Incidentally, the State Home department had recently issued a closure order to the casino’s directors after it found the validity of the hotel’s five-star category certification, from where the casino operated had expired. The order on August 27 had sought a compliance report from the North Superintendent of Police. The assets include Sea Link and Marine Shipping Company Pvt Ltd in addition to a huge bank balance, details of which were also seized in the raid”.


Interestingly, the CB sleuths discovered that a luxury car Mitsubishi Pajero was being used by the consultant, which is said to be a gift from the Alemao family. The car is registered in the name of Savio. Sources in the crime branch has said that these evidences will make the case more stronger against all the culprits those involved in the high-profile scam, including Alemao and former chief minister Digambar Kamat. “Investigation is not stalled though Kamat’s anticipatory bail hearing has consumed some precious time. But the investigation team is on its toes. The documents have strengthened the case against the accused. There are more to follow,” an officer said.

Looking at the new developments it is certain that the exit of Alemao from the jail will become more difficult now and Kamat may also not be able to escape from the clench of the law. More people may be introduced into this scam and will be put behind the bars along with the existing ones. Proving the innocence will become far from the reality but the way our judiciary system works the miracles could still happen. We do not want to claim much but you please do not hold your thoughts behind and leave your comments and suggestions on this.

Source: Various Sources

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