Centre to resolve issues in the Tourism and Civil Aviation Sector


Panjim,  Jan 17:  I  am happy to  inform you  that  the  Central Ministry  for  Civil Aviation has taken  note  of  various  bottlenecks  affecting the  growth of   the tourism sector  in Goa and  has  consented  to  solve  them at the  earliest. A  delegation led  by  me  met the  Central Minister  for  Civil Aviation, Shri   P. Ashok Ganjapathi  Raju  in New  Delhi on  January 16, 2015 and submitted a memorandum on  issues concerning Goa  Tourism and the aviation sector.

Some of the  issues  discussed pertained  to the  Open Sky  Policy  for  Dabolim Airport,  Liberalizing air  traffic  rights  regime for charter  operators coming  into  Dabolim  International Airport,   Revision of the  Charter Policy at the  national level, Revision of airport  fees/charges  for  Scheduled  and Non-Scheduled flights at  Dabolim International  Airport. Other  issues discussed  pertained to incentives  for Charter Operators   operating  Scheduled  and Non-Scheduled   into Goa, development of MRO facilities  at  Dabolim International   Airport,   Code  share  arrangements   with  domestic  carriers  for  Scheduled  and  Non-Scheduled international  flights.


The delegation led  by me also  met  Dr  Mahesh  Sharma, the Hon’ble  Minister for  Tourism and Culture, Govt.  of  India and the  Minister  of  State for Civil Aviation ,  for a focused  discussion on issues   which are adversely affecting Goa tourism this season. The discussions  covered issues related  to Central Financial  Assistance under different schemes  of the Ministry  of  Tourism, Central Financial  Assistance   for  marketing and promotion  activities  carried  out  by   Goa  Tourism, the Open Sky  Policy  for Dabolim  Airport and   Modification of E-visa  regime announced  recently.

We also reiterated  the demand  for  Revision of the  Charter  Policy   at the  national  level and relaxation of   airport fees  and charges  at  Dabolim International  Airport.

We also took up the matter pertaining to  relaxation of naval  restrictions on operating timings  at Dabolim International  Airport and relaxation of  NDZ line  in CRZ notification. The  discussions  with Shri  Ashok Ganjapathi  and Dr  Sharma  were successful and  they have assured to resolve  each of the issues  raised  by us   at the  earliest.

The  Minister  for  Tourism Shri  Dilip  Parulekar  said, “I  am  confident that the  Union Ministries  for  Civil Aviation and  Tourism and Culture  will find  solutions  which will work in the interest of Goa Tourism  and help boost  tourism  in Goa  which   is  the  most ‘Preferred Holiday  Destination’  for both international and domestic  tourists.”

We  are  also  happy to  inform  you today  that the  Visa  On Arrival (VOA) facility  at   the  Goa  Airport, Dabolim,  is  receiving  an  overwhelming response   and  Goa   Airport   at Dabolim  has   crossed the 5,000 mark issuing 5,117 VOAs  as on January 16, 2015.

“We  are  also  pursuing  with  the  Central  government  under the   leadership of   Prime Minister, Shri  Narendra  Modi ji,   to  include countries  namely UK, Poland, Denmark and Sweden  in the   list  for  issue  of  VOA  to  these  foreign nationals,”  Shri  Parulekar  said.


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